Leipzig shines for democracy and human rights

Leipzig shines for democracy and human rights

Many citizens stand for societal and social cohesion, for a strong democracy and diversity in our city.

We need all of this in view of the major challenges: Climate change, energy crisis, war in Ukraine. But in times of crisis, those who propagate simple solutions, spread conspiracy myths and sense the opportunity for subversion also appear on the scene.

Right-wing nationalists, Reichsbürger and fascists are the greatest
danger to democracy, the rule of law and social cohesion. For far too long, this has been played down, especially in Saxony. Far too often, the enemies of liberal democracy are given sympathy. Far too often, young people are left alone in their protests against neo-Nazis. We want to counter this with democratic determination - on the Leipzig Ring, since 1989 a symbol of the non-violent awakening to democracy. On January 30, 2023, we want to light it up again with many people from the city's society: for democracy and human rights, for openness and diversity, for solidarity and social cohesion.

January 30, 1933, the day on which Hitler's terror regime began 90 years ago, is a reminder: democracy and human rights, democratic openness and peaceful coexistence cannot be taken for granted. They can only be defended and develop if we citizens assume our democratic responsibility. Let us do this in the great community of urban society on January 30, 2023: Resist the beginnings - strengthen democracy - walk in solidarity through the crisis.