Academic advising

Portfolio/Student counselling

The HGB offers the possibility to get advice about your portfolio from members of the teaching staff and to get information about study opportunities.

Registration time: August 15th to October 15th

Please mail us your preferred degree course, personal address and telephone number to this address: konsultation@hgb-leipzig.de 

Appointments will be arranged until the middle of November.

Another opportunity for portfolio counselling is the "Tag der offenen Tür", usually on the second Thursday in January.

Tuition fees

The first degree and the "Meister*inschüler*innen" programme are free of charge. Holders of a Master, Magister, Diploma, First State Examination and other comparable degrees are charged tuition fees of €100 per semester for the Diploma programme at the HGB if the total duration of the programme exceeds the standard period of study of the previous programme by six semesters.

Bachelor's degree holders are not charged tuition fees for the second degree programme.

Students enrolled from the 14th semester onwards are charged a long-term tuition fee of €500 per semester.

Semester fees

Every semester, students need to pay a fee to the student services Studentenwerk Leipzig (currently EUR 258,40 per semester) and to the students council (EUR 5,00 per semester).

A selection of services provided by the Studentenwerk Leipzig:

  • Deutschlandticket
  • Meals at refectories and cafeterias
  • Student housing
  • Educational grants in accordance with the BAföG (German Federal Law on Support in Education)
  • Consultation and mediator services (advice on degree financing, social counselling, psychological consultation, legal advice)
  • Student loan office
  • Employment service
  • Service package for international students

Tuition fees for the MA Cultures of the Curatorial

The HGB currently charges 550 euros tuition per semester for the program. Students should expect to have additional expenses for travel to and from Leipzig and for accommodations and board in Leipzig. They are also required to contribute to the costs of the excursions.

Studying and living in Leipzig

The fact that the city of Leipzig offers genuine (and affordable) quality of life for students is no longer a secret. In addition to the great infrastructure and lavish layout of the city, Leipzig has an internationally unparalleled range of cultural attractions.

Student halls and dorms

The Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig does not maintain its own halls of residence or flats. The student services Studentenwerk Leipzig maintain shared accommodation and flats in 42 student residences. For more information, please visit www.studentenwerk-leipzig.de/wohnen

Psychosocial counselling services offered by the Studentenwerk Leipzig
The Studentenwerk Leipzig also offers free psychological counselling services for students in Leipzig. You can find more detailed information on the Studentenwerk's website. The Studentenwerk Leipzig also offers group programmes for psychosocial counselling.

For international students at the HGB, there is a special social counselling service that answers questions ranging from orientation at the place of study to the topics of residence and financing.
Counselling services of the Studentenwerk Leipzig for international students

The special social counselling service answers questions ranging from orientation at the place of study to the topics of residence and financing. International HGB students, such as participants in the AtA – Academy for transcultural exchange and international guest students as well as prospective HGB students from abroad can take advantage of this special advisory service on social, personal and economic issues. The offer includes information events, open telephone consultation hours and individual counselling. Individual counselling is free of charge and takes place in a protected setting. It can be provided in English, French or German. Anonymous counselling is also possible. Counselling with translation is available on request.

Franziska Hülß
Social counsellor for international students at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig (HGB)
E-mail: sozialberatung@studentenwerk-leipzig.de
Phone: +49 1761 9659 667

>>> Please find the complete information about the counselling service and the office hours on the website of the Studentenwerk


The Support Office is the supplementary teaching offer of the HGB for the professionalization of future artists and designers. The program of the Support Office equips students of the main study program with the necessary practical know-how, supports networking with actors of the respective professional fields and offers a forum for the discussion of current realities of the professional environment of fine arts, photography, media art and graphic design. More information...

Equal opportunities

The basis of a productive working situation for all employees, teachers, researchers and students at the HGB Leipzig should be an absolutely appreciative interaction on all levels, including: mutual respect, open communication - discussion culture, transparency in decision-making processes, a culture that includes constructive criticism. We want to take problems seriously and strive to change them, make and communicate justifiable, comprehensible decisions, and live a competent approach to diversity, gender, age and generational justice. More information and contacts...

Public administration customer service 115

Students with questions on how to

  • Register a flat
  • Re-register a car
  • Get a residents’ parking permit
  • Apply for housing benefit
  • Get a grant (BAföG)

please call +49 (0)341 115.
Further information: www.115.de

Sports programs

Sports programs at the University Leipzig are open to students enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig.

Contact: Jonas R. Becher, sports commissioner of the HGB
M jrbecher@hgb-leipzig.de