Foundational Course Photography
Kolja Kärtner Sainz
Scans of a printed matter in A4, with a white fold out cover containing letters from the students and a colored interior with differently layouted conversation pieces.
System Design class, Maureen Mooren
Portait of a class
Conversation pieces of students from Systemdesign class about self-marketing, cultural responsibilities and the design education form a portrait of the class. A4 on Clairfontaine Color Trophée 120g/qm. Supervised by Claudia Doms.
On Liquid Grounds
Typography class
On Liquid Grounds
Publikation von Yeongseon Jeong mit Texten von Damian Christinger, entstanden im Seminar „On Liquid Grounds“ im Wintersemester 2020/21 betreut von Krispin Heé und Larissa Kasper 110 Seiten, Englisch, 15 × 21 cm, Softcover
Painting and Printmaking class, Michael Riedel
Rahmen der Möglichkeit
Installation and Space class, Joachim Blank
Fiete Worreschk
Rahmen der Möglichkeit
Will update soon
Foundational Course Book Design/Graphic Design
Kamilia Galimova
Photography and Media class
Noah Müller
Artist's book, color photographs of sculptural room installations in the form of living room simulations. Book: 28 color photographs + consumer archive, 27×20 cm, Illustrated work: 114x92,8 cm, inkjet print, 2020
Painting and Printmaking class, Annette Schröter
Rundgang Exhibition 2020
Painting class with cross-media alignment
40 x 30 cm Mixed media on watercolor paper