Support Office

Professionalisation: What the support office has to offer

The programme of the support office includes a broad range of courses, lectures and discussions on cross-disciplinary and specific topics that are relevant to the artistic and creative practice in everyday working life. The support office strives to help students on their way to professional independence.

The offers are divided into three areas: basics, presentation and perspective. Among other things, the courses explore the following topics:

  • Setting up a business (artists’ social insurance, self-employment)
  • Support options / applying for grants
  • Effective networking
  • English for artists and designers
  • Textual work (press, website, statement)
  • Image rights and copyright
  • Fees
  • Communication

In addition, the support office hosts regular discussions with all kinds of art and design professionals, who will give insight into conditions, processes and everyday work. Open office hours aim to help students with queries beyond the courses and discussions. With its lively mix of events, courses and one-on-one interviews, the support office gives students a solid and lasting basis for their future careers. The programme is supplemented with events advertised via email and on the notice board. Please register for courses with a limited number of participants. You will be able to register via Doodle list, which is emailed to all students 14 days in advance. The time and venue will also be announced in this email.