Vanessa Amoah Opoku receives Playground Art Prize 2024

Vanessa Amoah Opoku receives Playground Art Prize 2024
Vanessa Amoah Opoku, currently a Meisterschülerin of Prof. Tina Bara, is one of the winners of this year's Playground Art Prize of the Von & Von Gallery in Nuremberg. Congratulations! The prize-winning works can be seen in the gallery's rooms until August 10. The exhibition is complemented by a documentation of the exhibition set-up and interviews with the prizewinners in order to make the gallery's work accessible to a younger audience.

Vanessa A. Opoku has been honored for her work "Sunrise to Sunrise (Tricksters)". As an interdisciplinary artist, Vanessa Amoah Opoku explores the complexity and fragility of experiences that take place in the interstices of cultures. Her work reflects the challenges and opportunities that arise from her diasporic position, tracing the paths of communication and failure, the imperfection of landscapes and the transience of space. The use of pointcloud scanning plays a crucial role in her artistic practice. This technique allows her to critically question the gesture of collecting and transform the physical world into a digital one. However, these scans are inherently fragile as they only offer an incomplete representation of reality. This draws a strong parallel to the multifaceted perception of people and their surroundings. However, the fragility and incompleteness also open up possibilities.

Since 2016, Galerie Von & Von has been supporting graduates of the academies with the Playground exhibition series and awards a prize for up-and-coming talent throughout Germany. This year's jury consisted of Katia Baudin (Director of Museen Krefeld), Amely Deiss (Director of Kunstpalais Erlangen), Katia Hermann (freelance curator Berlin) and Dr. Harriet Zilch (Director of Kunsthalle Nürnberg).