#machdeinkreuz - HGB artists' posters for more voter turnout in Saxony

The HGB and many HGB artists and designers, together with over 140 Saxon institutions, are part of the Kompliz* network, which has been committed to a democratic Saxony since 2017.

For the local and European elections on June 9 and the state elections on September 1, the network launched the #machdeinkreuz campaign with the aim of increasing voter turnout in Saxony. With cultural festivals, posters designed by artists and an art project to rename the ballot box, the aim is to encourage everyone in Saxony to vote and to start a conversation about the elections.

We cordially invite you to support the campaign by donating and/or participating: The posters are available to download free of charge on the website (design & programming: Anne Dietzsch, Louis Hay) and can be downloaded, distributed and shared by everyone: whether on social media, on your own front door or in the shop window of the petrol station. Museums, theaters, concert organizers and clubs are also actively involved. Motifs have been donated by Motive gespendet haben u.a.: Maja Behrmann, Norbert Bisky, Cihan Çakmak, Franziska Holstein, Henriette Grahnert, Harry Hachmeister, Paule Hammer, Marlet Heckhoff, Margret Hoppe, Bastian Muhr, Vanessa Amoah Opoku & Lion Sauterleute, Ricarda Roggan, Sabotique (Heike Geißler + Anna Lena von Helldorff), Karoline Schneider, David Schnell, Kristina Schuldt, Sebastian Stumpf, Matthias Weischer, David Voss, and FLIPPO, the childrens magazine of the Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig, a.o.

Further information on the campaign and donation options can also be found at www.machdeinkreuz.de or in the press release. An interview on the campaign was recently published by monopol. Or listen to the interview with artist David Schnell by Deutschlandfunk.

You can also follow the campaign on Instagram.