Marion Baruch – DÉCALAGE

Curated by Ilse Lafer and Noah Stolz

Realised with the team of the HGB Galerie - Salo Lübke, Adrian Lück, Stephen Stahn, Hagen Tanneberger, Matteo Visentin - and the kind support of Julia Brodauf (Support Office of the HGB) and Dana Diminescu

The exhibition "DÉCALAGE" at the gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig is the first comprehensive presentation of the artistic practice of the Jewish-Romanian artist Marion Baruch in Germany. The work of the now 92-year-old artist, who lives in Italy, is characterized by deviations as well as repeated aesthetic shifts and, thanks to the efforts of Noah Stolz (Baruch's curator and collaborator), has been known to an international audience for a few years now. The exhibition will focus on her latest sculptures for which she collected textile waste from the prêt-à-porter industry as well as related objects from the late 1960s that lean towards design. In addition, her 1990s avant-garde internet works, as well as the participatory projects realized later will be introduced in which feminism and migration—against the background of “hospitality”—surface as central and recurring themes for Baruch.

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