Craus, Sandy

Allenthalben zwischen Gedankenstricken – da, wo ich wohne / 2005
(Everywhere between the Knitting of Thoughts – There, Where I Live)

Video installation / 5 videos of varying duration

The video installation consists of five projections, each show five different but structurally similar urban spaces.

Rid of their function, these places are surrendered to the processes of nature and erosion. The projections, placed at varying heights and varying in size, represent a defined place within the exhibition space. Between them, axes of vision are formed however it is nevertheless impossible to view all projections at one time. Rather the viewer is challenged to move through the homogenous sound space, between the marked spaces, to linger on, and to observe the act; the same similarly dressed protagonist appears (red top / black trousers), and performs an action. These actions are meticulously demonstrated from the beginning to the end without any form of editing. They seem to have no purpose and thus give the impression of being a game.

The spaces used are all located in the Leipzig city area and are the result of restructuring processes of the last 15 years. Understood as a chance for individual use, open spaces are provided for the dreamer, player and child.


*1975 in Apolda
lives and works in Köln