Typography class, Ludovic Balland
Felix Plate
Katharina Tewes
remember me a fiction
publication of the poster workshop "FICTION"
Typedesign class, Stephan Müller and Fred Smejers
Sheehan Sista
An Homage to Eurostile
Aldo Novarese created Eurostile in 1962 as a typeface for the future. Since its release, it can be seen in all number of places and represents a past idea of the future through it presence in the present.
Painting class with cross-media alignment, Ingo Meller
Olga Bläsi
To have and to be
System Design class, Maureen Mooren
Lukas Schimpfhauser
Poster Workshop with Rafael Horzon
Foundational Course Photography
Adrian Viktor Lück
Illustration class, Thomas Matthaeus Müller
Elisabeth Gube
Painting and Printmaking class, Michael Riedel
Sebastijan Zupancic
‏‏‎ ‎
Installation and Space class, Joachim Blank
DMC Gallery, Seoul (Südkorea), 2016
Painting and Printmaking class, Christoph Ruckhäberle
Paul Wilting
King in Yellow
Intermedia class, Alba D'Urbano
Gott und die Welt
Rundgangsprojekt, HGB (2011)
Fine Arts class, Helmut Mark
Nicolas Karl