Photography class, Heidi Specker
Hyejeong Yoo
deine Arme um meine Schultern #1
from the series 'deine Arme um meine Schultern', Giclée, 2019
Painting and Printmaking class, Christoph Ruckhäberle
Maximilian Richter
System Design class, Maureen Mooren
Lukas Schimpfhauser
Poster Workshop with Rafael Horzon
Fine Arts class, Helmut Mark
Nicolas Karl
Illustration class, Thomas Matthaeus Müller
Elisabeth Gube
Typedesign class, Stephan Müller and Fred Smejers
Sheehan Sista
An Homage to Eurostile
Aldo Novarese created Eurostile in 1962 as a typeface for the future. Since its release, it can be seen in all number of places and represents a past idea of the future through it presence in the present.
Installation and Space class, Joachim Blank
Peggy Mehl
Lyon (2015), Ausstellung: Une Autre Conspiration
Intermedia class, Alba D'Urbano
Das Böse ist ein Eichhörnchen
Das Böse ist ein Eichhörnchen, Buchpräsentation, Lubok Verlag. Kunstverein Leipzig (2016)
Typography class, Ludovic Balland
Julius Betke
I speak a selfie
poster series
Photography and Media class, Joachim Brohm
Christoph Brückner
colorless green ideas sleep furiously
exhibition view, HGB Leipzig, 2018
Foundational Course Book Design/Graphic Design