Open House Day 12.01.2023 - The Programme

Welcome to the HGB Leipzig!

On 15.12.2022 the new application period for the study at the HGB starts; the deadline for submission of all documents and especially the portfolio with own, artistic or creative work samples ends on 01.02.2023. Next possible start of studies is the winter semester 2022/23. For all prospective students and applicants, the HGB offers in preparation at the Open University Day on 12.01.2023 a full get-to-know program - finally again - in person:

In addition to presentations of the diploma programs Painting/Printmaking, Photography, Book Design/Graphic Design and Media Art, the program studies Academy for transcultural exchange (AtA) and the master's program Cultures of the Curatorial, the program also includes advice on the application process, informational talks with professors and students, portfolio consultations, open studios, guided tours of workshops, and much more. Students from all departments will also offer individual tours in small groups to their favorite places and workplaces at the university, talk about their path to studying art or design, and show what they are currently working on. The workshops are also open to visitors. All are welcome to attend!

Information about the HGB -
The study programs introduce themselves

10:00, Festsaal
Welcome: Prof. Dr. Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer, acting rector
Media Art: Prof. Fabian Hesse
Photography: Prof. Annette Kisling
Painting/Printmaking: Prof. Christian Weihrauch
Book Design/Graphic Design: Prof. Christoph Feist, Prof. Maureen Mooren
Application information: Roswita Harmel

Application and Academic advising

10:00-17:00, room 24
Academic advising on the application process and general study matters: Roswita Harmel, Claudia Pöschel

9:00-16:00, Room 26
Information on the application process and acceptance of application folders, issuance of certificates of attendance: Kerstin Schruhl, Anja Hertzsch
14:00-16:00, Room 25
Information about stays abroad during studies: Frances Kind

14:00-16:00, Room 1
Information about the supplementary teaching offer of the HGB for the professionalization of future artists and designers: SUPPORT Office

Radical Receptionist‽“

11:00-17:30 Uhr, Gallery
As part of the project "Radical Receptionist‽" in the hgb gallery students of the performative arts class with Prof. Isabel Lewis and Lissy Willberg offer insights in their specific artistic practices: WHIPS is a format for presenting work processes, followed by moderated feedback. On this day, one work process will be presented/ discussed per slot.

11:00 - 11:30
Open body practice

11:30 - 14:45
WHIPS - working (hard) in process and feedback sessions (student work with structured feedback session)

11:30 - 13:00
WHIPS session 1

13:15 - 14:45
WHIPS session 2

14:45 - 15:45
Lunch break

16:00 - 17:30
WHIPS session 3

HGBio – Guided tours of the academy

11:30-12:30 and 14:00-15:00, Atrium
Students from all disciplines offer individual tours in small groups to their favorite and working places in the academy, tell about their path to studying art or design, and show what they are currently working on.
>>> Starting at the Infopoint in the atrium

Guided tours of the Workshops for Printmaking

Both in the morning and in the afternoon, the staff of the artistic workshops for printmaking offer open guided tours:

10:00 Woodcut, Room 3.58
10:30 Silk screen, Room 2.45
11:00 Etching, Room 2.50
11:30 Lithography, Room 1.50

14:00 Woodcut, Room 3.58
14:30 Silk screen, Room 2.45
15:00 Etching, Room 2.50
15:30 Lithography, Room 1.50


11:00-18:30, Library
Come by and learn about the HGB library

Information talks and portfolio consultations

Book Design/Graphic Design

14:00–15:00, Room 1.16
Information talk with Prof. Markus Dreßen

15:00-17:00, Room 1.16
Portfolio consultation with Malin Gewinner, Jolanda Zürcher, Paule Hammer, Hagen Tannenberger and Prof. Thomas Müller


14:00-15:00, Room 1.7
Information talk with Prof. Torsten Hattenkerl

15:00-17:00, Room 1.7
Portfolio consultation with Meisterschüler*innen


12:00–13:00, Office room 4.4.
Portfolio consultation with interested students for the Academy of transcultural exchange with Prof. Kerstin Drechsel

14:00–14:30, Anatomy room
Information talks with teachers and division of groups for portfolio consultations

14:30–17:00 Uhr, Anatomy room
Portfolio consultation with Prof. Jörg Ernert and Prof. Steven Black

14:30–17:00 Uhr, Office Room 4.4.
Portfolio consultation with Prof. Kerstin Drechsel

14:30–17:00 Uhr, Büro Raum 4.5.
Portfolio consultation with Prof. Anne Speier and Franziska Reinbothe

14:30–17:00 Uhr, Raum Painting technique 3.8.
Portfolio consultation with Lucas Kaiser und Arina Heinze

Media Art

11:30-15:00, Room 2.24
Open lessons, Prof. Eli Cortiñas, Andrea Garçia and students of the 1. Year Media Art

11:30-15:00, Room 0.09 Digital Materialities Workshop
Clay 3D Printing Week - Experimenting Eco-digital sculpture. Information talk with Prof. Fabian Hesse and Prof. Mitra Wakil. (Additional talks for Meisterschüler*innen are also possible via video call after registration: hessewakil@hgb-leipzig.de)

14:00 - 15:30, Room 2.32
Information talk with Prof. Eli Cortiñas and Prof. Christin Lahr

12:00–15:00, Room 2.32a
Open Portfolio consultation and information talk with Simon Elias Meier and Class Artistic Research by Prof. Christin Lahr

14:00–17:00, Room 2.20 & via https://hgb-leipzig.webex.com/meet/blank
Open portfolio consultation and information talk with Meisterschüler*innen of the class installation and space by Prof. Joachim Blank and Anna Raczynska
Please register at Anna Raczynska araczyn@hgb-leipzig.de

15:00-17:00, Room 2.15
Information talk with students by the class expanded cinema von Prof. Clemens von Wedemeyer

Information talks by the master degree programme Cultures of the Curatorial

14:00-15:30, Room 3.48
Information talk with Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer

Application for Wintersemester 2023/24

The application period for the winter semester 2023/24 for applicants for the first semester begins on December 15, 2022.

Applicants (First semester) register in the online portal. The application deadline is February 1, 2023. By this date, both online registration and the portfolio with artistic/ creative work must be received.

When applying for the Book design /graphic design, photography and media art courses, your work samples must only be uploaded to the online portal. Submitting a conventional analog portfolio or disk is not permitted.

Samples of work for the painting/printmaking course should be sent to the following address after online registration: Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Wächterstraße 11, 04107 Leipzig

Further information on the application process can be found here.

>>> Online portal for applying to the HGB

>>> Attention: For applicants for a higher semester (change of university) other application deadlines and modalities apply.

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