Zwerschke, Theresa

variable emodities I – IV 2019

mixed media installation
(textile, steel, adhesive foil, video, audio)

transformingmemories.jpg 2019

Video-Essay, 12:30 min

The repetitive act of digitalising a family slide archive defines the base for questioning established narratives, the connection between memory and medium and its consequence for ones own reception of these kind of images.

what you could see but can not 2018

Video/Audio, 2:30 min, Loop

focusing the issue of archives politics.
searching for the attributes of objects, that get „invisible“ in an archives structure.
an associative list gets supplemented by gestural equivalents.


2channel video; 6:50 min

asking for the relation between relative speed and linear time movement.
a narrative made without causal coherences.


*1993 in Schongau, Germany


2020 kleine probe (_unlearning Kästchenwahl), Sarah Lüdemann&Theresa Zwerschke,MMS Offspace, Bremen

2020 Verletzbare Subjekte, person of no consequences, group exhibition, Zitadelle Spandau

2019 PALINDROMI oder die imaginierten Grenzen, group exhibition, Palazzo Ziino, Palermo

2019 MdbK mobil, Thallwitz

2019 next generation_8.0, ZKM, Karlsruhe

2019 You’re not my real sun, group exhibition, A&O Kunsthalle, Leipzig

2019 Mitteldeutsches Kurzfilmfestival, Category: Experimental, Schaubühne Lindenfels, Leipzig

2019 Verletzbare Subjekte, person of no consequences, group exhibition, HGB Gallery, Leipzig

2019 speakers corner, AV performance with Ben Meerwein, HMT, Leipzig

2019 Scholarship Nominees Exhibition, Karlsruhe

2019 sister from another sister vol.2 , Cammerspiele, Leipzig

2018 cherry nails//podcast, lecture performance with Priska Engelhardt, Chaos Communication Congress, Leipzig

2018 sister from another sister vol.1, mixed media performance, Cammerspiele, Leipzig

2018 an_archive, class exhibition, HGB, Leipzig

2017 DAMR – dreams are my reality, mixed media performance, LOFFT, Leipzig

2017 zehnte schicht, Geschwister Scholl Haus, Leipzig

2016 PLATZHALTER , group show, temporary off space, Leipzig

2015 Projektionen, Schauraum, Kulturverein Provisorium, Nürtingen

2013 ALLEINSAMKEIT, group show at Atelier petrmayr, Peiting