Richter, Konstantin

It`s me – DER AUTOMAT / 2017

Collaboration with Julia Perkuhn & Zeno Gries
Interactive audio-visual performance
210 X 80 cm.
“I am DER AUTOMAT. i give you schnaps and the answer. for cash cash cash. am i your servant? – no. am i the fulfillment of your dreams? – maybe, if you put your hand in me. wann try? (…) i have a house, a monkey and a horse – you don’t”

Once, there was a sheep / 2016

Installation – Carpet, shearing machine, trash bags
240 X 240 cm.


Spiel des Lebens // Playground massacre / 2015

collaboration with Julia Perkuhn

Ohne titel / 2014

collaboration with Julia Perkuhn & Zeno Gries
pencil, sharpener, signatures