Macha, Tina

Untitled / 2019

Excerpt of series of drawings with sharpies on dieter roth’s essay no. 11, A4 b / w copyprints

Handshake / 2018

Experimental Group Performance / Happening, approx. 20 min. at HGB Rundgang 2018

Audience and class members were happily invited to greet one another with a warm handshake and a smile – a seemingly genuine “pleased to meet you” – Invitation below

☥ Escape ☥ / 2017


growth tent, growth lamp, fan, 4 color A2 print, lush bath bomb, popcorn

N A I L ART / 2016

Diese Frau sucht einen Mann / 2015

100 Sticker, 1te Auflage . Berlin . Leipzig . Stuttgart .

Love Radiator / 2015

Experimental Group Performance, approx. 20 min. at HGB Rundgang 2015 . with compliments and kisses to David, Eva, Felix, Ida, Lukas & Philine

Expectations. Space. Time

Performers get charged and choose outfits backstage. No specific guide to action for the entire period of the performance, except they should not talk. Entering the dark exhibition space as a unit. Spot on. Audience and performers share 20 minutes of presence. Lights out. 


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