Petzold, Georg

Tied to certain places / 2012

Objects, Cast Resin, 28 cm Various Materials

This Series of sculptures reflects subjective perceptions of daily events during a point in time, in which someone recognizes his personal condition of self-monitoring. It is about an ambiguity caused by a dynamic motion, which is scenographically construed, at the moment when you are at a loss.

Moment of drifting

Moment of insight – despairing

City 2076 / 2012

Photo Collage Digital Print, Paper, Cast Resin, Oak Frame 50×40 cm

Graphic lines and structures are inserted as artificial spaces into landscapes and urban environments. The constructions are reflections of perceptions from inhabitants and their societal desires. Illuminated squares which invent a future scenario in natural spaces could be constructions of someone’s imagination.

Salted Pipas / 2011

Nothing else to do / 2010

(4 channel video installation) 20 minutes

Four bars, four perspectives, one story in four cities at the same time.

A woman in a cafè with a cup of coffee and a plate in her hand can’t find a space to sit. She moves trough the different perspectives and time zones and it seems to be unable to leave the cafè. This work is about a journey, which is guided by a process of an everyday occurrence. The question of this un-escapable banal situation is shown through the absurd picture of being in a cafè.

The centre am I / 2010

This installation is intended for one square room. It’s tries to focus on a position, which only appears when the spectators lingers in a certain location inside the room. This place represents solitude in an apparently relaxed environment. A situation is created by light, human silhouettes and sound-scapes and invents an instant of being surrounded by phantom voices.

Modifier / 2010

Time Through Time / 2009

The Installation depicts three changing landscapes captured over a day in single photographic frames. The accelerated change in the chronological course reveals structures that encase us and are normally invisible. The simultaneity and symmetry of the recordings further gestures toward an underlying chronological connectivity born of intuitive observation of temporal processes. The visible differences are accentuated by their counter-motions.

Zeitbetrachter (Time observer) / 2009

A breath vibrates on the water /  2008/2009

Video and sound installation
Loop  / 07:35 min HD

Here is the water of the “Märkisches” riverbank on a winter day in 2008. As the footage is played back and projected as a loop, sounds from urban spaces mix with synthetically generated sounds to create an imaginary soundscape. Here the visual representation of nature is contrasted with the auditory perception of urbanity. Our knowledge and handling of water is informed by the belief that it is an inexhaustible resource. Only when insufficiency is threateningly close, does awareness of the sensitivity and complexity of our ecosystem start to grow.

Curved Mirror / 2007

experimental short film
16:9 Pal / 03:32 min stereo

The film „Curved Mirror“ shows several sequences that attempt to envision the soliloquy – the moment of self reflection — that reveals in a moment – one’s own world. The beauty of this moment, the play and passion, the gaze into the distance, amplified by clouds winding through an open sky — this image is frozen in an eternal loop. Movements and gestures that were visible for only a brief moment obtain a differentiated and invigorated expression; incidents are confronted and tell stories. The viewer is presented with a context not immediately comprehensible – this is the blurring created by focusing on the self and the environment. As the viewer watches and observes their surroundings, it becomes harder to find the right position.



2012 Diploma Exhibition, Galerie ARTAe, Leipzig
2012 Fön Kunstpreis, Erfurt
2011 Cartes Postales D’ Artistes, Goetheinstitut, Lyon, France
2011 Engel Land, Atelier Stubenrauch, Leipzig
2010 – 2012 Rundgang, Academy of Visuals Arts Leipzig
2009 Video Festival, Petrosavodsk, Russland
2009 Untitled, Academy of Visuals Arts Leipzig
2008 First International Exhibition of Ephemeral Art, Granada, Spanien


2006 “Synk” Maxi-CD, Malvin Lex
2005 “Luscious Lena”  Maxi-CD, Campy Capstan
2003 “Debeatialization”  LP, Campy Capstan

Filmography as Editor

2010 “Goran” Man hat immer eine Wahl, Director: Ferry Weiss, shortfilm 23 min.
2009 “In dem Haus ohne das Haus” Director: Robert Rapoport, shortfilm 45 min.
2008/09 “Kinzinger” Director: Matthias Krause, shortfilm 16 min.