Bougai, Natalia

die Reichweite / 2015

Paper collage
Size: ca. 120 x 170 cm
photography, indian ink, water color, pastel
hand collated

so nah – so fern / so close – so far / 2014

Due to an expansion of the internet and its global communication potentials, more and more long distance relationships arise in which partners live away from each other. Chatting, e-mailing, phoning, texting and skyping help to bridge the gap. Nevertheless, it makes it more difficult to exchange experience, ideas and emotions.

The phrase “so close yet so far” specifically describes aptly the adventure of a long distance relationship which is real but also a semi-authentic one of our time. It`s a correlation between closeness and distance, reality and virtuality, communication but also being far away from each other. 

Such simulated closeness – which essentially is distance – does something to the individual. It can produce a specific intensity of longing and convergence. But it can also alienate and provoke a feeling of moving away from each other.

The work is based on my own experience and on my personal working material.

Video stills


Video documentation (MDR Sachsenspiegel)

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Atlantiden / 2013

photographs / 3 light boxes/backlite print, sound / 5.1

(Atlantida is a poetic name of the mythical continent of Atlantis)

Are they true stories or could they have only happened? It remains unclear whether these pictorial stories can be objectively verified or whether they have been invented. When and how do the images intertwine and begin to tell the stories?

I mix the documentary things with the associatively one, I use different materials, which perhaps have been important for a building of a remembrance of something: sound, words, pictures, colors, a specific atmosphere.





Praesentia / 2011

Paper, carton, electric bulb size: hight 31 x width 20,5cm, deep 10 cm

Man and nature: their relationship is based on a mutual permeation, influence and regeneration. The view of man towards his environment is always changing, which is also reflected in art. To visualize this process, I composed my own images using fragments of art history. Such a collage of image quotations creates a new picture of the complex and fragile interplay between man and his environment.

Spinner. Leipzig / Manila / 2011

foto, paper, carton, tape. hand collated size: 18,5 cx 13 cm

exhibition at the Goethe Institute Lyon December 14 – 23, 2011

d wie dora (d for dora) / 2010

Textual work in film format

installation view


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over / 2009

ca. 400 photos in film format


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Images from my own, and i expect, from your daily life as well. Observing the events happening around me, i do not remain an observer rather a component, moreover a working component of this society. The playful enactment of the present is an inherent form of reality within our culture today. One could describe it as the playful scenery of happiness. Adventure parks, computer games, pop concerts, television etc. are together the fabricated and continuously developed projection-screens of all our emotions, wishes, and fantasies. Every mass pushes towards becoming structured and to take on order. Initially important, but thereafter resulting in idleness, or negligence, and being under someone else’s control. The sound that can be heard in the background is the original tone of pedestrian trafficlights, which leads the blind safely across the road.

love rifts / 2007

photography and video

Generations. Gender. The forever old and forever current conflicts. I want to demonstrate a universality, (nevertheless) by means of a personal story. I photographed to observe and to understand. The result is a mosaic of pictures that create an emotional whole in their presentation.

to look at oneself.
to look  inside. to step outside. to go further.
what remains are the glances. in the images.
images searching for traces, becoming the language
of despond, of expression itself.
as a continuing dialogue.
language alleviating pain.
spaces which open like wounds, produce references and deflect sight.
patiently scanning, layer after layer.
to stop time. holding still.
wanting to understand.
to feel.


The figures are turning in a circle, connect together by the same rope. And at the same time, they are all independent. For me, the mobile becomes a symbol for the entire situation in the depicted family.



2015 “Werkschau 2015”, Werkschauhalle, Spinnerei, Leipzig
2015 „Tombola“ Kunstverein Leipzig
2015 “Spontaneous frameworks”, Bükü, Leipzig
2014 „So nah – so fern“/“So close – so far“. Intershop Camp. A project with Opera Leipzig, Ballet Leipzig, Schauspiel Leipzig, HGB, HMT and Museum of Contemporary Art (GFZK), GFZK Leipzig
2014 Gyeongnam International Photography Festival, Art Center, Chanwon Korea
2013 “Picture Show”, Sir Alabama, Leipzig
2013 “drei, drei, drei, bei Issos Keilerei”, Galerie erstererster, Berlin
2013 “Intimate”, Galerie EIGEN + ART, Leipzig
2013 “extra – experimental trails” Festival for experimental Film- and Video art, D21 Kunstraum, Cineding, Leipzig
2012 ZOOM”, HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2011 “Cartes Postales D’Artistes”, Goethe-Institut Lyon
2011 “DORA. An Artistic Approach to the Culture of Remembrance” a group show at Pasinger Fabrik, Munich and at Universal Cube, Spinnerei, Halle 14, Leipzig
2010 “Nacht des radikalen Films”, International Competition for Radikal Film, Schaubühne Lindenfels, Leipzig
2010 “Die Erfundene”, Kunstraum fett66, Hamburg
2010 No-ISBN. „Salon für Kunstbuch. An Artwork as Enterprise“ at Museum of Contemporary Art (GFZK), Leipzig
2008 F/Stop international photography festival, Leipzig
2008 nominated for the “HGB Studienpreis 2008″ Leipzig
2007 “liebesrisse”/”love rifts”, Academy of Visual Arts (HGB) Leipzig