HGB with its own booth at the P.A.G.E.S. Contemporary Print & Art Book Fair in Geneva

Under the title "Findings. Searching for Traces in the Graphic Design Workshops of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig", the HGB Leipzig was represented with its own stand at the P.A.G.E.S. Contemporary Print & Art Book Fair, which took place from February 2-4 in Geneva. HGB Meisterschüler Hendrick Heinicke, Sebastian Cewe (book and offset printer of the graphic arts workshops), Johannes Oestringer (technical workshop manager) and Prof. Markus Dreßen (artistic workshop manager) were responsible for the concept and supervision. The HGB stand focused on the representation and progressive visualization of the graphic workshops as an integral part of artistic, creative and content-related debate.

Large-format graphics from the "Woodcuts XXL" project demonstrated the possibilities of woodcuts in an expansive way and opened up new spaces for experiencing artistic printmaking. Another intervention made reference to the power of the book, the constant questioning and development of which the study of the HGB invites.

The legitimacy of the printed word is still undisputed. As an element of exchange and action, a Korrex printing press from HEAD - Genève was part of the presentation. As an active moment of mediation, an open, performative printing process was invited - in the belief in the book as a means of expression in terms of content and society. The leaflet was to take center stage and be a medium of political debate. The printing of a statement, demand or argument on paper can and must be seen as an important part of empowerment and community, especially in today's world.

The presentation of students' work also provided an insight into the thinking and working processes at the university.