"Rewriting the Photographic Image" by Sophia Kesting published in FOTOHOF edition

"Rewriting the Photographic Image" by Sophia Kesting published in FOTOHOF edition
With Sophia Kesting - Rewriting the Photographic Image, the FOTOHOF presents the results of an artistic research project that has been developed since the spring of 2020 in close cooperation between Sophia Kesting and the FOTOHOF archive. The collaboration was preceded by an invitation to the Leipzig artist to realize the holdings of the FOTOHOF archiv as the starting point for a discursive engagement with the medium of photography that is as free as possible, moving between art and research. In the course of several research stays, the artist developed strategies for the discussion and appropriation of historical photographic materials and modes of use in direct contact with the collection preserved in the FOTOHOF archive. In the end, however, it was not the artistic positions that served Sophia Kesting as the starting point for her artistic research project.

In Rewriting the Photographic Image, she rather goes to the edges of the holdings stored in the FOTOHOF archive when she literally twists and turns the images of a long-historic slide archive for the mediation of photographic technique and, through her performative interventions, brings to light media conditions and gender roles and calls them into question.

Sophia Kesting, Rewriting the Photographic Image
FOTOHOF edition, Volume 348 (2022).
Edited by: Peter Schreiner, Brigitte Blüml-Kaindl, and Kurt Kaindl.
18 x 25, cm, 72 pp.
Interviews: Kurt Kaindl, Brigitte Blüml-Kaindl, Sophia Kesting, Peter Schreiner (De/En).
Text: Christin Müller (De/En)
Design: studio fjeld
Price: 28 Euro
ISBN 978-3-903334-48-9
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