DOK Leipzig: Ayala Shoshana Guy shows her graduation project "I will take your shadow"

The winner of the G2 Kunsthalle 2021 Master Student Award will show her master student work at the Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film.
HGB graduate and winner of the G2 Kunsthalle 2021 Meisterschüler*innen Award Ayala Shoshana Guy is participating in this year's DOK Leipzig International Film Festival for Documentary and Animated Film with her graduation project, the animated film "I will take your shadow". She is competing in the German Short Film Competition and is nominated for the mephisto 97.6 - Audience Award.

Guy's short, an experimental autobiographical animated film she made in collaboration with sound designer and composer Moses (Julian Hoffmann), is an intimate impression of the director's personal journey along the loosely historical and largely imaginary trail of losses that tore her grandparents' family apart in the late 1930s and since.
Ayala Shoshana Guy has already been awarded the Jewish Film Institute San Francisco Completion Grant for the film. She lives and works in Leipzig and Passau.
Further information on her life and work can be found at ayalashoshanaguy.com.

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