Christian Holze receives Kaiserring Fellowship

Christian Holze receives Kaiserring Fellowship
Christian Holze is this year's recipient of the Kaiserring Scholarship, which is awarded by the Verein Förderung Moderner Kunst at the Mönchehaus Museum Goslar. On 25.09.22 the award ceremony and opening of the scholarship exhibition will take place in the Mönchehaus Museum. There will also be an exhibition catalog. Christian Holze graduated in 2020 as a Meisterschüler at the HGB Leipzig in the class for installation and space of Prof. Joachim Blank.

Christian Holze combines different artistic categories into hybrids. His research topics are the interfaces between art, technology and economy. In his work, he not only explores the connections between these three subject areas, but also poses questions about authorship, commodification, and copying in the visual arts. Moreover, Holz's works connect the viewer's art historical memory with the omnipresence of commodity imagery in the digital age, disguising themselves as meta-products.

In 1984, the board of the Verein Förderung Moderner Kunst established the annual Kaiserringstipendium. It includes a solo exhibition at the Mönchehaus Museum with a catalog as well as a purchase guarantee. The jury is composed of the board members, the management of the Mönchehaus Museum and external expert jurors. The Goslar Kaiserring Scholarship has been sponsored by the AKB Foundation in Einbeck since 2014.