Digital platform for the artistic research project "The Art of Equal Participation"

As part of the research project "The Art of Equal Participation", the website On the Edges has been launched on July 15, 2022. Since then the digital plattform successively offers insights into the thematic areas and development of the project.

The concept of the website follows thematic interfaces within the group in the form of cross-references between the main content areas of the individual research projects. In this way, the digital platform provides virtual access to all content generated within the project. As a central element of the website, the search movements of the users are traced by lines/threads. The visitors' own search process becomes visible and perceptible; individual connections of words, terms, persons and events are created, which make the visitors appear as active participants.

The page architecture is based on five different levels or containers that overlap at the edges and can be moved individually: Intro (landing page), Glossary (dictionary), Exhibition, Workshops and People.

The concept, design and programming of the website are designed to be barrier-free. The website is implemented bilingually (English/German) as well as in easy language.

The artistic research project "The Art of Equal Participation" started in January 2022 at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. It is funded by the European Social Fund Young Researcher* Groups REACT-EU: As part of the Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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