The Art of Equal Participation

The Art of Equal Participation

Initiated by Ilse Lafer, the research project “The Art of Equal Participation” is funded by the European Social Fund for junior research groups REACT-EU as part of the EU’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The artistic research project is a production site of counter-narratives that call for a "digging" deeper––understood in the sense of Donna Haraway's situational analysis––within a dominant culture shaped by dominant narratives (bell hooks). What connects the individual researchers is the tracing of textile memories, the reading of rituals by marginalized groups and, at transitional points, the understanding of vulnerability as an emancipatory concept and the perceiving of atmospheres as impulse generators in a post-factual society. The group uses embodied forms of knowledge as well as convivial (suitable for a good life) and circulatory work processes that capture socio-political processes in aesthetic forms and vice versa.Die künstlerische Forschung als Praxis wird dabei immer wieder reflektiert und aktiv besprochen. Artistic research as practice is constantly reflected upon and actively discussed.
The project comprises the 11- or 12-month employment of five artists with HGB Meisterschüler*innen degrees as lecturers at the HGB, who, with the support of four student assistants, will develop an exhibition with an accompanying program as well as a digital platform:

Martin Haufe, Deborah Jeromin, Dana Lorenz, Silas Mücke, Karoline Schneider
supported by Sophie Florian, Meike Giebeler, Kevin Koen, Ilse Lafer, Salome Lübke und Hagen Tanneberger

>>> digital platform „On the Edges“
>>> exhibition „On the Edges - Artistic Morphoses“