Call for donations: "Umverteilen" for refugee students at the HGB

Call for donations: "Umverteilen" for refugee students at the HGB
The Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig and the Friends of the HGB are calling for donations as part of the project "Umverteilen - Von denen, die haben, zu denen, die brauchen" (Redistribute - from those who have to those who need) to support refugee students at the HGB who have been particularly affected.

Since the beginning of the war, 40 students from Ukraine have arrived at the HGB and have taken up guest studies. Each of them is supervised by a professor as a mentor, has access to the facilities and infrastructure of the HGB and can participate in courses, class meetings and other teaching events. For eight art and design students who were already enrolled at a Ukrainian art academy, the HGB opened the Academy for Transcultural Exchange, the study program for refugee students, unscheduled for the summer semester. All newcomers can participate in German classes here and thus acquire the language skills required nationwide for regular university admission.

The economic and social situation of the refugee students from Ukraine and other war and crisis zones who have made it to the HGB is very precarious, despite all the commitment. In times of rising food and energy prices, the social benefits are hardly sufficient, especially not for partly expensive materials, which are urgently needed in the context of an artistic education, or for the realization of exhibition projects. Interested parties are cordially called upon to help refugee artists and designers in the current crisis by making a donation or becoming a member of the Friends of the HGB.

Donations account:
Stadt und Kreissparkasse Leipzig
IBAN DE32 8605 5592 1090 0390 73

Donation receipts can also be issued upon request, which can be claimed for tax purposes.

For further information please visit www.hgb-leipzig.de/freundeskreis