Leni Pohl receives the Salzburg Scholarship of the HGB Friends 2022

Leni Pohl receives the Salzburg Scholarship of the HGB Friends 2022
Leni Pohl has received this year's scholarship from the HGB Friends, which will enable her to spend time at the International Summer Academy in Salzburg. Leni Pohl studies in the class for painting and printmaking of Prof. Michael Riedel and Franziska Reinbothe. Her medium or - as she calls it - her home is drawing. She has a idiosyncratic style of high recognizability and aesthetics. At the center of her work is the search for her own identity. The I becomes a political agent in society through colored pencil and drawing ink. Based on her subjective drawing method, she thus develops both exciting and current philosophical positions. In Leni Pohl's works the psychological moment plays an important role, abysses are explored, drawing becomes a meditation. In the pluralistic field of artistic expression Leni Pohl goes her own way and does not stop at drawing. The jury also finds her work on her own texts, films, radio projects and installations particularly exciting.

Leni Pohl began her studies in painting/printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig in 2017. She was active for a long time in the student council of the HGB and is involved in various university political and social projects. She also helped launch the university's own radio.

The scholarship for participation in the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts Salzburg has been offered since 2014 by the Friends of the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig e.V. for students of the HGB. It is a residence and travel scholarship, which is used, among other things, to pay the course fee for the 4-week participation in the Summer Academy.  Renowned artists, curators and critics from all over the world address current issues of visual art production.

Members of the 2022 jury were:
Thomas Locher, Rector HGB
Silke Rothe, Member of the Friends of the HGB
Prof. Oliver Kossack, HGB, Department of Painting/Graphics
Doris Staufenbiel, Circle of Friends HGB
Susanne Reinhardt, Circle of Friends HGB
Daniela Adomat, Deputy Chairwoman of the Friends of the HGB