New Leipzig art cooperative "Zentrale für Kunst" shows first exhibition

Co-founded by students of the HGB, the association shows its first exhibition "RAUSCH" in the Werkschauhalle
The Zentrale für Kunst is an art cooperative with a focus on painting founded by seven young persons from leipzig. The main aim of the Zentrale für Kunst is to support young artists in the form of exhibitions and interdisciplinary programs.  The goal is to offer a platform for artistic exchange and to create visibility for artists in transition between studies and independence. In addition, the Zentrale für Kunst e.V. already brings experience to the table. The board members most recently operated the exhibition platform Mehrzahl, which was founded in 2019 by female students of the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. The platform has already made a name for itself with three group exhibitions in 2019-2021 and the total of nearly 100 artists shown.

On 08.04. opens the first exhibition RAUSCH in the Werkschauhalle. On display will be 32 artistic positions that deal with the various experiences and impressions in the state of being intoxicated.