Die 100 besten Plakate: HGB artists receive awards

Poster for the HGB Gallery exhibition "Marion Baruch - Décalage" by Hagen Tanneberger and poster for "It's a book" by Tjaŝa Cizej, Max Gültig, Laura Hähnel and Basil Haug are among the award winners

The award-winning posters of the competition "Die 100 besten Plakate" have been determined: Once again, designs by HGB students are among the prize winners.

Among others, Hagen Tanneberger from Maureen Mooren's System Design class was awarded with his poster design for the HGB Gallery exhibition "Marion Baruch - DÉCALAGE".

Tjaŝa Cizej, Max Gültig, Laura Hähnel and Basil Haug, who designed the poster for the Independent Publishing Fair "It's a book, it's a screen, it's a space in between" in 2021, are also among this year's award winners. Max Gültig and Laura Hähnel study in Anja Kaiser's typography class.

The winning 100 posters will be presented in a traveling exhibition in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in Korea and other locations. The inaugural exhibition is scheduled for June 23, 2022 at the Kulturforum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. To accompany the exhibition, Kettler Verlag will publish the accompanying publication "100 Best Posters 21" with all the winning motifs.

The competition „100 beste Plakate des Jahres“ launched in its origins in the mid-1960s in the GDR, has been organized since 1991 by the German Association of Graphic Designers (VGD). (VGD) in a united Germany and, since the 2001 edition, has been organized by 100 Beste Plakate e. V. for the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The aim of the competition is to select the 100 best posters from all the submissions and to show them on an equal footing - without ranking, without prizes - in several exhibitions. Designers (graphic designers, design studios, agencies, students), clients and print shops from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are eligible to submit entries. A jury selects the winners in a multi-stage process. The 2021/22 jury included: Christian Hoffelner (A-Vienna), Larissa Kasper (Kasper-Florio, CH-St.Gallen), Denis Olgac (Sucuk und Bratwurst, D-Berlin), Radovan Jenko (SI-Ljubljana) and Susanne Stahl (Stahl R, D-Berlin).