Support for students, academics and other people from Ukraine with and without a Ukrainian passport

For people who have to make their way from Ukraine (or as persecuted and oppositional persons from countries like Belarus or Russia) to safety, we would like to draw your attention to the Academy for Transcultural Exchange at the HGB Leipzig. This is a study programme specifically for people with refugee experience.

In addition, we are opening up and expanding our range of courses at the evening academy and for guest students. This is open to all students, artists, designers, academics and other interested persons. We are currently planning to make suitable events, courses and seminars in the regular programme of studies and in the Evening Academy easily accessible to those interested in art as guest students. If you are interested please contact us: welcome@hgb-leipzig.de

Multilingual information about study programmes for refugees:

Ukrainian/ Українська

Multilingual registration form for a guest studentship:

Ukrainian/ Українська
Russisch/ русский

A list of German art and design universities that offer an admission procedure for students from Ukraine can be accessed via this document. The document will be updated and extended in the course of the crisis.

For students (of the HGB) who are directly affected by the situation, we offer support, e.g. with homework, exams, deadlines, etc.: rektorat@hgb-leipzig.de or ata@hgb-leipzig.de. You are also welcome to use the counselling services offered by the Studentenwerk Leipzig:

The Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony and the Goethe-Institut are launching a residency program for Ukrainian artists in need. The Cultural Foundation has also established the "Saxony-Ukraine Cultural Fund".

Students of scientific/technical disciplines from Ukraine can also apply for the Agricola Full-Time Scholarship (https://www.studentenwerk-dresden.de/finanzierung/stipendien-georgius-agricola-stipendium.html). The scholarship includes a full-term scholarship for study visits (standard period of study) for highly talented students from Poland, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic and Ukraine to obtain a degree qualifying the holder for a profession at a university or technical college in the Free State of Saxony in a technical, scientific, or medicinal field. In duly justified cases, students from other fields may also be eligible for the scholarship. The application process is via an invitation to tender.

PhD students from Ukraine who are leaving their country and need support can prospectively receive funding within the framework of the Philipp Schwartz Initiative. The Philipp Schwartz Initiative gives universities and research institutions in Germany the opportunity to host researchers at risk within the framework of a fellowship. If the HGB Leipzig is an eligible institution, please contact us. On the websites of the degree programmes and institutes, you can see who is suitable as a mentor* to submit an application. We would also like to draw your attention to the following initiatives:

But it is also important to support and make visible scientific institutions and societies with a focus on Eastern Europe that can help to critically assess the invasion of Russian forces:

For example, a tool has been set up for offering and looking for flats in Leipzig: https://www.linxxnet.de/ukraine/. Flats can also be advertised here: https://elinor.network/gastfreundschaft-ukraine/.

Financial donations can be made to Aktion Deutschland hilft e.V.: https://www.aktion-deutschland-hilft.de/

A collection of support stations in Leipzig is listed here: Hilfe für die Ukraine - Stadt Leipzig

The following offers are aimed at artists in need:

We are constantly updating this list and reacting to the latest information. Feel free to send us suggestions, helpful links and tips to: presse@hgb-leipzig.de