Ines Schaber on the photo archive of Pierre Bourdieu

Ines Schaber on the photo archive of Pierre Bourdieu
Article in the current issue of Camera Austria
In her article „Observing, Participating, Objectifying—Questions About the Function of the Images in Pierre Bourdieu’s Photographic Archive“ Ines Schaber invites readers to join her in examining the photographic archive of the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, especially the pictures he took between 1957 and 1961 during his period of research in Algeria. In her text, Schaber explores the complexity of this archive created during the Algerian War. She elaborates on the role that photography may have played for Bourdieu in his engagement with a land that was foreign to him and with its inhabitants, and how he used the medium to negotiate his relationship with the people and situations he encountered there. “Why did Bourdieu take photos in Algeria in the first place, what did he want to comprehend and show with his photography? What was he ‘looking’ at?—What studies was he carrying out while taking the photographs? Were they part of his research work, or was he pursuing a different project with them? What function did photography have for him?”

Dr. Ines Schaber is substitute professor of the photography class (Klasse Brohm) at the HGB.

The current Camera Austria with text by Ines Schaber is available here or can be viewed in the HGB library.