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Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 13:09:42 -0400

To: Hans Dieter Huber <hans.dieter.huber@urz.uni-heidelberg.de>

From: benjamin weil <beweil@adaweb.com>

Subject: Re: Adaweb Projects



>1.) Who founded Adaweb and when?

ada 'web was founded in the late fall of 1994 by john borthwick and myself.

our first online project was up in late february of 1995, although we did

not really lauch the site before may 15, 1995. john borthwick was a

business consultant, and had discovered the web during the summer of 1994.

he immediately wanted to do something creative with it. my background is

in art: i am a writer and curator. for me the web was a new place where

to experiment with the praxis of curating.


What was the original intention with that site?

the founding idea of ada 'web is to bring artists to explore the web as a

new medium. we commission, host, and point to projects that fully use the

capacities of the web. we mainly commission works by artists who do not

use the web as their primary medium, and we usually host projects that are

made by artists who do use the web mainly for their artistic research and

production. while doing that, we were (and still are) interested in bring

an enlarged audience to experience art. the idea is that the web offers a

kind of participation to the artwork that is unique, although one can

definitely say it derives from early conceptual art praxis (60's and 70's)


>2.) How many persons are momentarily concerned with adaweb?

currently, 3 producers work on ada 'web. there is also a business

development person, and myself. we also have 4 interns who work part time,

and a part time business and public relations person.



*vivian selbo (at ada since the summer of 1995; she is an artist and also

produced a web project of her own, "vertical blanking interval"


*ainatte inbal (at ada since july 1996. her background is in art

criticism. she was formerly taking care of long distance teaching at the

new school, using the web as a "virtual classroom")

*cherise fong (at ada since september 1996; she is a web designer, and

worked before at the cicv - a french artist in residence program. their

web site is at http://www.cicv.fr)


business development:

*andrea scott (at ada since september 1995; she worked as an art

consultant, building private and corporate art collections. she has also

curated exhibitions)


curatorial: myself.


business and public relations: cheryl kaplan (at the studio since january

1997; she coordinates business and pr. for the studio at large - including

ada 'web)


>3.9 How are you financed? Do you get financial support by New York City or

>by government?

we are currently supported by the owner of ada 'web, dicital city inc.

this company owns digital city studio (http://www.dci-studio.com), also the

producer ot total new york (http://www.totalny.com) and the spanker

(http://www.spanker.com). we are currently in the process of investigating

to turn ada 'web into a foundation, so to be able to receive grants and

corporate support. as you may know, public funding in the united states is

almost non-existent


>4.) Where is the server located in New york? What kind of machine is it?

the server is actually in our office, on 22nd street. it is a sun spark 20

station connected to a t1 line (in addition to ada 'web, it serves all the

other productions of digital city studio)


>5.) Do you have an image of your rooms which you could send me as an attach

>file because I would like to include a view into my online materials for

>that course?

you could get a web cam shot from julia scher's "one house" project, a part

of "securityland". securityland is in the "project" dimension of the site



>6.) Do you have statistical material concerning the hits on the project pages?

we do. however, i am not sure i can provide you with this kind of material.


please feel free to recontact me at your convenience. i hope this is of help.







benjamin weil


curator, ada 'web / http://www.adaweb.com

32 west 22, ny, ny 10010 t. 212 620-7288; f. 212 620-6224


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