Paula Ábalos Santibáñez

Experimental film about a cleaning woman who works in a large chain of gyms 24/7 alone at night. The scenes look behind the shiny surfaces of a gym and show the reality of a migrant cleaner. As a result of the night shift, the high demands of her work and the loneliness in that particular space, her psyche and perception are affected, which is portrayed through a surreal vision of space. This project originated from the author's own experience.

Experimental fiction film about a cleaning lady that works alone during the night in a fitness studio. This film looks behind the glossy surfaces of a gym and shows how the extreme working conditions affect the perception and psyche of the worker, showing the space under her surreal view, entering in nocturnal perception of the spaces. The film is about the time pressure and the high expectations that weigh on the cleaning lady. She never rested long because she suspects her bosses are watching her through surveillance cameras. Under the pressure of work and her loneliness, the character begins to imagine that the machines have a consciousness and voices that accompany them during their hard work at night. Machines that talks between them and reflect about time, wait, how to be more efficient and how to not get broken.
This project is originated from the own experience of the director Paula Abalos, who worked in parallel of her studies in a branch of a large chain Fitness studio in Germany.
----Production of HGB Leipzig and KHM Köln-----
Script, direction, editing: Paula Ábalos
Production: Kathrin Lemcke
Director of Photography: Pedro Carnicer
Camera Assistants: Elisabeth Caic, Sofía Hernández
Light & Grip Assistants: Felix Leffrank, Verónica García
Assistant director/organization : Amelie Befeld
Sound direct recording and plan of sound record: Camilo Sandoval.
Sound direct recording: Nadine Rangosht and Stefania Smolkina
Sound studio recordings: Ina Weisser, Paula Ábalos.
Sound design: Paula Ábalos
Set assistants: Rosario Aninat, Amelie Befeld, Katrin Esser, Bernardette Keating, Kathrin Lemcke, Andrea Saltyte, Beatrice Peter Schuett and Clara Sjöllin.
Choreographer mirror scene: Ayala Guy
Translation texts: Bernardette Keating.

Actress (JUANA): Catalina Yazigi
TWO, machine 3, trainer TV: Andrea García Vazquez
ONE, machine 4: Bernadette Keating
Boss: Felix Leffrank
Security camera guard: Alex Blühm
Solarium: Clara Sjölin
Voice in group Machines: Peter Lünenschloß and Jean Damien Charmoille

Thanks to: Clemens von Wedemeyer, Janina Herhoffer, Nicolás Rupcich, Daniela Groemke, Max Schneider, Deborah Jeromin, Jessica Arseneau, Bernardette Keating, and Lucas Tinzmann.

Fachklasse: Klasse Expanded Cinema von Clemens von Wedemeyer

Studiengang: Medienkunst

Abschlussarbeiten 2020

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