Son, Changan

Private Dokumentation I – Augenblick (Instant) / 2013

Video 1:31:58

I always struggle when it comes to decision, because one never knows where it leads to. In a way the decision is an expression of the unknown future, which causes me discomfort.
When I start something new I feel anxiety. When I stand in front of the door, time is stretching until I decide to do something. So I stand in front of the door being forced to make a decision.
Regarding the work ‘Augenblick’ (Instant) from an aesthetic viewpoint, it can be seen as a quest for a tension between the surface of the image that resembles a snapshot and the underlying duration of the video (1:30 h).

Private Dokumentation II – CCTV / 2014

Digital image, installation

In order to realise the work ‘CCTV’ I programed my Computer to take a screenshot of my desktop every minute. That way it produces 1440 images a day. The result is a personal panorama of the use of my time, which I collect and visualise in the form of these images. The multiple images flickering on the display are a different trace of daily life.

Private Dokumentation III – Mimesis / 2015

Installation two room

I wanted to copy my room in order to learn more about its timelessness. In the end I had three rooms; two true-to-scale copied ones and one real one. For two reasons there is no temporality in the photographed image of the room: The moment when the room becomes an image completes the walk of time within the real room. On the other hand the image of the room consists of different layers, of different photographed moments, that produce a synthetic image in which the different photographed moments mutually neutralize each other until the factor of time is wiped out of the image. The video-image of the room describes the flow of the real room. Therefore it becomes more real itself. I decided to depict it darkly. The darkness within this real image of my room signifys future’s uncertainty.

Private Dokumentation IV – Schalen / 2016-2018


I was consuming the groceries of the depicted packagings. I left my marks on them. At the same time they leave marks themselves. They give information about my consumer behavior.
This work is about the moment of my contact with the packagings before I trash them. This certain contact is brief. Nevertheless it has its time, which is captured by photography.


*1982 in Busan, South Korea


2009 ‘Karaskino‘ Gallery Boda, (Seoul, South Korea)
2013 ‘We are precious‘ DMC Gallery, (Seoul, South Korea)
2013 ‘LEVIATHAN LOL‘ (Leipzig,Germany)
2014 ‘Standby‘ Halle14, (Leipzig, Germany)
2014 ‘SEGRETE‘ Castel dell’Ovo, (Napoli, Italia)
2014 ‘Please Kill The Mainstream‘ Galerija Zečević, (Beograd, Serbia)
2014 ‘Private Dokumentation‘ Gallery Topic, (Seoul, South Korea)