Palme, Robin

ferrochrom / 2020

Musicalbum on audio cassette (incl. coverart)
17 tracks composed, recorded, mixed and mastered for cassette tape

Edition of 9 cassettes: cover printed by use of woodcut technique and lino colours

German Rangemaster / 2019

Electronics, (re-)design of an effect pedal

The German Rangemaster is an adaption of the classic british effect Dallas Rangemaster.
A Telefunken germanium transistor (OC 603) from the same historical time period (beginning of the 1960ies) is used instead of the Mullard transistor.

Radical Indifference / 2019

Academic combative punchlines crossing modern hip-hop
(Displacement as a strategy of the underground, cf. Thibaut de Ruyter’s underground project 2019)

Nova Nova Historical Halogen Theater / 2019

TTransistor radio, earbuds, beamer, screen,
video- und audioplayers, halogen heater,
fotocopied emails

The moving images of the German zero points song at the Eurovision-Song-Contest 1964 in Copenhagen were destroyed in a fire and lost forever.
The lyrics of the song „Man gewöhnt sich so schnell an das Schöne“ deal with the topic getting used to and loosing “das Schöne” (beauty/beutifulness).
The installation “Nova Nova” designs a substition for the lost images – seizing the opportunity of filling a gap in European media history artistically.

Jurassic Canoe(liveset) / 2018

Acousmatic composition for live diffusion with 14 pedals (i.e. stompboxes)
Live at HGB Sommerfest July 2018

Peppers & Lazarettos / 2018

142 marshmallows, 352 licorice, 29 toothpicks

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) and Lazaretto (2014) are cornerstones of postmodern pop history. Sweets are part of both albums. Jack White‘s vocals on That Black Bat Licorice consists of plenty licore whereas John Lennon is singing about marshmallows in Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.
Peppers & Lazarettos isolates the sweets as audio snippets and runs these through a spectrum analyzer having activated the peak-hold function. Timebased audio data is hence tranformed to computer images of frequencybased graphs. These images of sung sweets serve as constructional drawing for two frequency-based diagrammatic sculptures consisting of the very sweets. A sugar-based memorial for long gone postmodern pop celebrating Marshall McLuhan.

New Interpolation / 2018

Digital audio (4:10 minutes)
Soundtrack for a science fiction black comedy

Composed, performed, recorded and produced by Dennis Arp and Robin Pame (using additional samples by Lars Muldjord / Bent Bisballe Nyeng)


Robin experiments with media, taking special interests in past technologiesnand the aesthetics of fleeting and ephemeral materials. Currently he composes and arranges site-sensitive audio for specific historic playback devices (e.g. german 70ies transistors). Lives and works in Leipzig.