Stoll, Annika

most romantic gift / 2019

print on aluverbundplatte, 99 x 70 cm
big and fresh flower bouquet

eternal pleasure / 2019

artificial cherry blossom tree, rented

So each one loses himself for the other’s sake, and loses the other and many others who wanted still to come. And loses the expanses and possibilities, exchanges the drawing near and fleeting away of gentle, presageful things for a sterile helplessness out of which nothing more can come; nothing but a little disgust, disillusion and poverty and deliverance into one of the many conventions which are set up in large numbers as public refuges along this most dangerous of roads.

No region of human experience is so well supplied with conventions as this; life-belts of the most varied invention, boats and swimming-bladders are there, social perception has contrived to create shelters of every description, for as it was disposed to take love-life as a pleasure, it had to mould into something easy, cheap, innocuous and safe, as public pleasures are.

– Rainer Maria Rilke in correspondence with Franz Xaver Kappus.

Ich erzähle dir von meinen Bildern / 2018

Performance, in collaboration with Steph Joyce

While we are moving through the empty room, we are scrooling through our instagram accounts, alternately describing what is depicted on our own posted instagram pictures.

Gedichte / 2017

written poems, ink on paper

🙁 / 2016

ca 15 x 15 cm


Annika Stoll
*1990 in Hessen, currently based in Leipzig

selected group exhibitions

2019 You’re not my real sun, A&O Kunsthalle Leipzig
2019 Jubiläumsausstellung, Stiftung Starke, Berlin
2018 Page / Figure, Galerie Kub, Leipzig
2018 featured at A2 Letter
2018 Die Acht Qualitäten von Spaß, Collaboration with Phyllis Johnson Studio, Spinnerei Rundgang, Leipzig, Germany
2017 Tracing Utopia, ZKR Schlosspark Biesdorf/ Stiftung Starke, Berlin
2016 Interventionen, Kunsthaus Dahlem, Berlin
2016 Konservativ sein lassen, Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz, Dresden
2016 Leibniz-Reflexe, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaft, Berlin
2015 Abzocken ohne anzuecken, Oktogon HfBK Dresden
2015 Kunstlotterie, EX 14 Dresden
2014 Zukunftsvisionen, ehem. Nervenheilanstalt Dr.-Kahlbaum-Allee, Görlitz