Weber, Melinda

Welcome to the home of Betsy Bates, 2015

Roominstallation, mixed media, ca. 3x4x2,5m

„Welcome to the home of Betsy Bates“ is a personal cabinet of curiosities. This mixed media roominstallation (video, photography, object, text, sound) shows relicts of 17 situations that are all marked by a moment of absurdity or the bizarr. A hybrid place of entertainment, discomfort, comedy and tragedy.

The willing suspension of disbelief, 2014

Interactive soundinstallation, mixed media, ca. 1x1x2,5m

Based on the novel „Timm Thaler oder das verkaufte Lachen“ by author James Krüss this soundinstallation examines the thesis of „the willing suspension of disbelief.“

The fictional story is accepted as truth and the consequences of these assumptions get exlored and materialized. The installation is proof of a manifestation between fiction and reality; a physical relict of the nonexistent.


Dreamarchive / 2014

roominstallation, mixed media, ca. 3x4x2,5m

An archive of objects, images and situations seen in dreams and carried over into the physical reality.




* 1991 in Nürtingen


2015 Werkschau FH Bielefeld