Joyce, Stefanie

Pretty White Horse

An Installation of nearly identical transparent plastic horses along three shelves illuminated by varying temperatures of fluorescent lights, examining the correlations between consumerism, nostalgia, a 1990’s American aesthetic, memories and time. The horses are representative of a horse I played with as a child, replicated 30x over in a heavier, denser plastic and placed in an illuminated shelf to exalt the memories of my childhood. It is an exploration of the memories held within objects and photographs and how they can be falsified.

fluorescent lights, glass, pine wood, plastic, glitter, & inkjet prints
182 x 122 cm
2013 New York, USA


Talisman & Stone(s)


A photo series dedicated to the celebration of this stone. Plucked from it’s origins to live among humans and exalted to the status of “talisman”. I have formed an obsession around this stone. I have personified this stone.

inkjet print

20 x 30 cm

2016 Berlin, Germany

Dedication & Seperation

The sculptures made only of paper and air without an internal structure. The entire materiality of the stone is changed- nearly reversed: they become delicate, malleable, and light in weight. Now it is a community of stones, interacting with one another. Is this the

stone? I am worshiping this stone by replicating it incessantly in many forms as an icon.


2 x 2 x 1 m

2016 Berlin, Germany

Family of Stones

A series of photographs of a humans interaction with the living presence of stones. Stones are moved by time based erosion, elements like air and water, and by other living beings. They seem to be alive, living in a relative time, where everything is much slower, but nonetheless moving. These stones were found like this.

inkjet print

20 x 30 cm

2015 Co. Clare, Ireland


Disembodiment, Am I zen yet?

These photos are a compilation of the objectification of a study on my ability to focus through the view finder of the camera and shift my point of foci. These shots were taken at sporadic intervals to document my experiences.

I’ve noticed that when I limit my line of vision to a screen I can concentrate completely on this small rectangle and nearly forget my own physical existence. I can shift my area of focus between a body awareness, an awareness of the happenings in the square in front of me, and an awareness of my thoughts, but it is nearly impossible to be focuses on all of this at once!

Within these series of photographs I did not seek transcendence, but did indeed find myself separated from the physical reality though a piece of glass thus creating the distinction between the viewer and the object and virtually dissolving my own physical self therefore experiencing a sort of disembodiment

inkjet print
20 x 30 cm
2015 Co. Clare, Ireland
2016 Berlin, Germany



*1991 NY, USA


2015 Witches, group exhibition, Magic Collective, Berlin, Germany

2013 Pretty White Horses, solo exhibition, Art Gallery at Reisman Hall, Cazenovia, NY, USA

2013 Winter Stomach, Society for Photographic Education Media Festival, Chicago, IL, USA

2012 Animals, juried student annual exhibition, Art Gallery at Reisman Hall, Cazenovia, NY, USA