Hautz, Maike

Wörter/ 2018

Film, 4:46 Loop
„Umstand und Neigung“, ConHanHop, Leipzig, 15. Mai 2018
„Situation 3“ Rundgang 2018, HGB Leipzig, 16. Feb. 2018

Movement in the moment of selfrepresentation. Aware of operating in front of a camera and therefore the unknown observer. In sound you hear layerd fragmetns of an self-written poetry. The work is explorating methods of profiling, the habit to reveal yourself (digitaly) to catch social attention. In conjunction with these issues it bargates aspects of shame.

….how long will / 2018

Dance-performance, 15 min.
„Situation 3“ Rundgang 2018, HGB Leipzig, 15. & 16. Feb. 2018

About togetherness and solitude, seperation and linking up. What means ‚being together‘ and who is lonesome? How it gets possible to identify forms of association – how and when do they show up? In the very start or in ambitions? In touch or in common mode? A shared look?
Diving, letting go, to fly, to fall, to catch and to rise again.
In between gestures there are stories being told and wearing off again. A constant change in body and mind generates and destructs what is not to keep.

Paradies Valley / 2016

Film, 7:34min

„ANOTHERSTATE“, Erratum Galerie Böckstr. 40, 10967 Kreutzberg, Berlin Germany
3.- 5.june 2016

Who nowadays populates the deserts of our world – is it cacti and camels or is it the fat white man and his wife tantalizing the camel by riding it passed around by disguised guides?
Is it individuums or is it the flocking who is moving, dancing over the beaches and flooding the natural sources?
First world anxiety and tropicalism- Paradies Valley researches along the fine borders between authenticity and touristic illusion.
Mass tourism leaving traces, creating patterns of movement all over the world striving after the fulfillment of exotic standarts.

Quergänge / 2016

Audiowalk & performative guidance in the permanent exhibition of the Grassimuseum – museum of ethnology Leipzig

29. jan – 8. may 2016
lendable audioplayer at the pay disc of the museum and downloadlink for the audiotracks

An Audiocollage guides you through the ethnological collection – visiting the sections of Africa, South- and North- America, Oceania and Australia-
commentarial, illustrating, indicative, enquiring.
Changing your perspective while walking through this arificial world of objects, captured inbetween the walls of the museum.
If the visitor expects a conventional audioguide, his claims may not be stisfied – he/ she will not find authorless knowledge transfer about shown exhibits. This audiowalk is an associative comment, a subjective artistical interpretation, whithout any claim to completeness or truthfullness.
Texts of various authors, interviews, sound collages and soundscapes try to offer a range of alternative perspectives on an institution like the ethnological museum. The fokus of this work is on finding new ways to observe the exhibited and to open the field of how to tell about it.



Dark men / 2016

Film, 6:19min, Indien


*1989 in Munich, Germany


2016 Anotherstate, Erratum Galerie, Berlin
2016 Fremd, Grassimuseum für Völkerkunde, Leipzig
2015 IGNORANT PIECES, rauer20, Bremen
2014 Halle 14, Leipzig
2014 Westpol, A.I.R. Space, Leipzig
2013 Die Parallele, Neues Schauspiel, Leipzig
2013 Audioexperiment, Alabama Sir, Leipzig
2012 Jahresaustellung IMAL, Schwehre Reiter, München