Seeger, Antje

Schenken Sie Freude / 2011


The installation has been presented the medicine Perspicientin in two store windows.

installation view


Perspicientin / 2011

object, edition, (12,5 x 6 x 2cm)

Perspicientin is intended to improve people’s status of wisdom and cognition. It contains active substances of emptiness and nothingness. One should take this medicine in default of cognition and acute or chronic lack of realization. Perspicientin is an empty package containing an inpack-leaflet. It is not a placebo at all.


Konstruktion mit Ankündigungscharakter / 2011


A piece of paper is falling from the top down to the bottom at random intervals. It is a text and it looks like an explanation usually known from museums.

installation view

Fiction is … / 2011

magazine, 12 edition

The article within the white magazine was made by cut ups and from different scientific publications about fiction an virtuality. It also includes pictures of a white cube gallery room. Text and pictures are on page 40 to page 44. The other pages as well as the cover were kept white. The magazine design and material looks like a good known art magazine.

page 40 and page 41

Realisator / 2010

wooden object, (140 x 40 x 10cm)

2010, object

Andachtsraum (room of worship) / 2010


2010, installation view

This installation was made by using optical rules. The most importand parts of this site-specific installation were six coloured stripes, a column and a sit for the observer. By using the so called cross view an observer could see a three dimentional picture between two columns.

Female Sexy Walk / 2009/2010

2010, installation view

2010, installation view

Transfer / 2007/2008

a reading of TRANSFER, 2009
(left: Antje Seeger, right: Anke Binnewerg)

TRANSFER, beamer projection, 2009
Motorenhalle – Projektzentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst Dresden

Geschwindigkeitsräume / 2008

Installation of 14 picture postcards

I took 14 different snaps of autobahns, roads and country roads, driving at the same time. After this I made picture postcards out of these snaps. Picture postcards usually represent special places where people are, from where they send their greetings to others in order to give evidence of their stay. So one can not only send his or her love to somebody far away but can also give lots of information on the landscape or buildings surrounding the sender at his or her special stay somewhere.


installation, 3 rooms, 9 stereo-viewer, 9 stereo slides, wood, aluminum pipe

The installation sur render faces_2 came up by the analysis of three rooms of Kunstbahnhof Dresden. During the work with and in the 3 rooms 9 points of sight had been found and had been fixed by small stereo viewers. The fusion of computermade graphics (transformed from topographical maps) with walls could be seen in these stereo viewers.
As the result the visitor could experience a new ‘world’- a world of rooms in stereo, but this could only be touched by your eyes, not by your hands.

SUR RENDER FACES_2 / 2007 / installation view

SUR RENDER FACES_2, 2007, motiv inside of a stereo-viewer



2011 “gold.exe” (G), Buxtehude Museum, Buxtehude
2010 “10+10 Positionen” (G), Nancyhalle Karlsruhe und Kunsthalle Villa Kobe Halle (Saale)
2009 “Moving Artstists” (G), Motorenhalle – Projektzentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Dresden
2008 “Transfer” (with Anke Binnewerg), communication-project and Internet Artists’ Book, Einstellungsraum Hamburg
2007 “Sur render faces” (S), installation of a virtual exhibition, Kunstbahnhof Dresden