Mamczur, Tina

in/ex / 2017

installation, part of the group exhibition “id – cultural memory in the present”, leipzig.

NR.105 / 2017

environment/installation, leipzig. video-loop „the making of“ (3:34 min), video (doku) „NR.105″ (4:49 min).

the making of / 2017

video-loop 3:34 min.

fast 50 reinkarnationsmöglichkeiten / nearly 50 options for reincarnation / 2015 + 17

pastel chalk black, 30 pieces drawing paper DIN A4.

life is a journey – be sure to choose the right vehicle.

Transforming Sensibility / 2017

installation/action, part of the international group exhibition “sensibility as media”, galerie konschthaus beim engel, luxemburg-city, luxemburg.

hidden between the rocks, the breeding burrow provides shelter and seclusion to all those in search of transformation. inside here, we can dare to take off our shells and gently touch the soft and delicate skin that lies beneath. in order to catch a glimpse of a timorous and timid animal, you need to be calm and cautious: listen intently, watch your step, gently move the curtain aside. while we are carefully striding through the room, we start to exhaust the pulp, extract the essence. finally, we are getting down to the core.

shine on you crazy (was da ist) – shine on you crazy (what is there) / 2016

Room installation, Projektraum Krudebude, Leipzig.

All is there, nothing to add. Better: withdraw things. Arrange the seats, clean the windows.
Start a fire, switch off the lights, and close the door. We watch the night, the city lights, the slightest breeze coming through a window.

Google adaptieren: Der Fang – Adapting Google: The Catch / 2016

Intervention for search engines / Photo series, ongoing.

Pränataler Arbeitsraum – Prenatal Workspace / 2016

(Cosy Red Bubble For Intermedia Class)
Room installation, HGB, Leipzig.

A room-in-room-installation meant as a workspace for HGB Intermedia Class.
Inside here, secluded and withdrawn into ourselves, we will make it.

Obst und Gemüse – Fruit and Vegetable / 2015

Interactive spacial installation, Praline art space, Leipzig.

A former fruit and vegetable shop transforms into an art space, transforms back into a fruit and vegetable shop. For three days we communicate intensely with the material, engage closely with the warm and humid other. Together we disjoint the structures, explore the textures with our bodies, and softly cure our alienation.

Löffelbiegen – Spoonbending / 2015

Performance/ Action Teaching, 2 stepladders, 2 tablespoons stainless steel, uniform

A proposal to an exklusive adventure, an invitation to expand your potential. Gazing inwards, we investigate the boundaries between “normal” and “paranormal”, hand in hand we leave the ground of reality. Let’s enter a new space of possibilities, easily accesible from our symbolically new location. A rendezvous with yourself.

Performance and action teaching at HGB Rundgang, february 2015

Transforming Ebertplatz / 2014

Interactive spacial installation, with 10 guides, 60 litres bark mulch, 30 kilos of carrots, 15 kilos of cornflakes, 2 litres of schnapps, 1 litre of mother’s milk. 3 peeler, 3 earphones, 3 sound insulation earphones, 10 blindfolds, 3 microphones + stand, mixing desk, active box, 2 MP3 players, loop with bird’s voices, loop with peeling sounds, 12 ground wipers orange, ventilating fan, lamp of perfume, slippers. Cable, cardboard, foil, fabric, cord, foam rubber, gaffer tape, beer boxes, spray of perfume, fragrance oil, rescue foil.

A pedestrian underpass from the 70s, a dreariness of exposed aggregate concrete, urine puddles and neon light. Three off-galleries found a home in the empty salesrooms beneath the Cologne Ebertplatz. Aside, homeless people are looking for a shelter for the night.

On three days in August 2014 the “transformation centre” pitches camp here, and extends the antipleasure, anticarnal and hostile entity “Ebertplatz” by a new, temporary space. Clearly audible from afar: the peculiar song of semitropical jungle birds. Everything glitters and flashes. We take off our shoes, walk hand in hand, barefoot through the moist and grating unknown. We breathe mountain air, taste the bitter and the heavy, and listen to the sounds from our bodies. For one moment time stands still – we lose our orientation, and find ourselves in return.

Cast: Stefan Schulz, Sandra Brühwiler, Lena Brüggemann, Jane Eschment, Julia Ritz, Florina Loghin, Sebastian Straßburger, Ronny Janott, Sandra Jasper, Lena Geuer. Fotos/Video: Pengyu Huang, Lena Brüggemann, Lena Geuer. Warmest thanks to Vera Drebusch and Meryem Erkus / GOLD+BETON.


* in Lublin, Poland

Grants and Awards

2012 Scholarship of the H.C. Waldschütz Stiftung, Leipzig
2008 Nomination for the Grimme Online Award: undertube (joint project)


Solo Shows:
2015 Obst und Gemüse, Kunstraum Praline, Leipzig
2014 Transforming Ebertplatz, Gold&Beton, Cologne