Kato, Fumi

See you on the day before yesterday again / 2018

„See you on the day before yesterday again“ is a project which was realized in the Exhibition „ an-archiv“ in a collaboration with the archive of the Academy for Visual Arts Leipzig. Based on a Japanese old invective, which means „never come again“, and inspired from the culture of horror movies, three works in this project, „absence“ „presence“ and „dialogue“ show of several aspects of archiving and relations between the present and the past, such as love, sympathy, fear and repeating.

See you on the day before yesterday again – Absence / 2018
Full HD with sound, 2-channel

Tiere (animals) / 2017

HD Video 5 min.

The Video „Tiere (EN Animals)“ is not about animals but about human. The pictures of the animals in the zoo in Leipzig are, in this work, a sort of reflection surfaces for questions about being at home. The subtitles are the episodes of different people in my surroundings about their moving in the past. They explain about little uncomfortableness at their new home or by the moving itself, but just as subtitles to read and not as voices to hear. As the sound there is only street noise of cars to hear.
This work is not about particular movings or migrations. I was just wondering, if the feeling of being at home is movable, and how the process would be, if it could move.

Tive and Gake / 2015

2 Kanal HD 

Washing Rice / 2013

HD without sound, loop

Tourist / 2013

HD, Loop


*1985 in Tokyo, Japan


2018 an-archiv, Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig

2017 ID Cultural Memory in the Present, Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig

2014 History Reloaded Villa Rosenthal Jena