Nemecky, Alexandra

jemand, bewirft meine Schwester / 2008

Performance and Installation
Model, Plaster, Video

The performance demonstrates the construction of a sculpture, while artwork, artist and model are not located precisely. Their positions change, overlay and disappear mutually. The pieces of circumstantial evidence rest within an installation and video.

k.T. / 2008

Mixed Media

The installation with a framed slogan “I show nothing that´s at least something, everybody has already seen” oscillates around a dubious thought and occupies suspicion and piece of circumstantial evidence: What does it mean, when an occupation leaves scarcely or no traces, if there is no work distinctly visible?
A white wall is treated again and again with white colour. Underneath references to the occurrence with uncertain origin are left. There is only a delicate limiting of space action.

was I

treten / 2007

Performative sculpture / 1,5 tons of clay

One enters into a 30 square metre floor space with an extended sculpture of damp clay. Going in, everybody distorts and moves the piece while leaving impressions. These pieces of circumstantial evidence are references to his presence, whereas the left empty prints reveal his absence.
The interaction is at the same time a process of origin in the work. One steps into the sculpture for closer examination. This moment of distortion by contact and confrontation needs the observer, he becomes part of the artwork. So he can choose how to come close: with or without shoes, straight ahead or in a while.



2009 The Comeback of the Year, Nuremberg
2009 Werkschau, Spinnerei Leipzig
2008 Pilotenküche, Spinnerei Leipzig
2008 “100% Health” art-gallery of HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2007 “Das Ende vom Anfang (The end of the beginning)” Kunstraum Kuhturm, Leipzig
2007 24-hrs-Exhibition, Leipzig
2006 “Ding Und Unding (Something and Nothing)” Leipzig
2006 24-hrs-Exhibition, Leipzig
2002 Exhibition of noise and sound, Brügge, Belgium, with Jens Heitjohann