Stoll, Johannes

Contemporary lines / 2013

Wall objects, installation with picture frames made of wood, plastic, aluminum, different colors and dimensions, here: 20 x 80 cm to 400 x 300 cm

Worn picture frames of various styles, colors and sizes will be used for the contemporary lines. They constantly turn into new formations of bizarre acting forms of graphs, which could be exist something like this. The ones here seem to arise more from an internal growth process that does not follow aspects like world markets or something like this. They rather stick to criteria of shape, color and its placement in space. So these elements are placed on the wall and form a state of motion, in which they themselves try to frame something, but the limits of this remain unknown.

Landscape scenery / 2012/2011

Stock Photo, Cut-Outs

The arrangement of the form in these montages depends to the content. Height as a representative and important principle is pulled down in a “back-to-the-valley” process of the line and thus gets to a determining composition for the entire installation. Each square of a mountain represents this principle, the originality of the height and thus the depth, in which Motion arises.

Vase/ 2012

Video | HD | single-channel-installation, sound, loop

A nebulous vase rotates clumsy in a given setting on the floor. This state, like a moving or ranging “picture”, sums up what lies in between of something and nothing.

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Prologue / 2012

Single-channel video installation, sound, 04:13min.

In between an ongoing black sequence a video shows artistic cut-outs of my personal younger childhood. Its small size and presentation refers on the one hand to the “small” content but on the other hand opposing to the artist himself and perhaps to his relevance in a general way.

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“[to be] in the mood [for sth.]” / 2012

5 videos (HD), each 04:00 min, installation variable, no sound

Different parts of a body revealing activities which are usually not meant to be seen out of their context. Now being extracted they are presented solely as themselves. They only represent what youre about to see, the passage of time and how its thrown back to the viewer watching it.

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tapes / 2010

Single-channel video, series of five individual works, sound

Five works in which each is an attempt to put the captured image in a relation with the artist. This ratio is expressed differently in each work and includes typical video-production conditions (such as the choice of detail, sound, recording conditions or time) to (re)form a moving image.

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Johannes Stoll

Exhibitions (selection)

2009 “Screening of German art schools”, Videonale Bonn
2009 “Full House” project space Gallery Anita Beckers, Frankfurt
2010 “Tauben im Bauch” Ehemaliges Zollamt, Wiesbaden
2010 “Frames from the Edge”, Gallery Marion Scharmann, Cologne
2011 “Installations”, International Video Festival, Bochum
2011 “Bring your own shadow,” Cao’s Art Gallery, Venice
2012 “Balmorale”, Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral
2012 “Video Zone final,” Kunsthalle Mainz