Rundgang 2012

Res Obscura

Various objects can be seen as artistic artefacts and at the same time as residues of a lost history. These links a not visible at the first glance but nevertheless incorporated. They will ask the spectator for an investigation into this complex installation. The work as a whole poses the question: What is the significance of any particular item? The spectator is permanently confronted with an unstable balance between being banal, ordinary and a touching significance and even uncanny impact of these objects.

Participating Artists

Vision 2020

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Bartsch, Christoph Brüggemann, Lena
Culurgioni, Emerson Eisenhart, Nike    Fröhlich, Malte
Haufe, Martin    Hofmann, Anne    Jesche, Raffael
Levasseur, Marie-Eve    Looser, Verena
Matauschek, Jonas    Müllner, Leonhard    Pauselius, Daniel
Petri, Michael Schröder, Luise    Simcik, Jakub Weissenborn, Melina