Jeromin, Deborah

Rearranging furniture 2012

Intervention with photo and video-documentation.

Silja Darmstadt and me were re-arranging furniture in representative entrance areas of institutions all over Helsinki and published the documentation (photo and video) on a blog:

DIY-Guide / 2012

(together with Silja Darmstadt) DIN A 4, Colour print-folded booklet with extra poster!.

A sustainable DIY Guide for Helsinki Pour your own puddle! Make your own round-about! Take your own way!

Safety First / 2012

passport, passportcover, hair

Organic Form 2012


Asfaltti / 2012

white A4 paper, tape.

An Experiment in the streets of Helsinki: Playing with signifikat and representation on the basic city surroundings. On the white A4 papers was printed: Asphalt, tree, trashbin, street, window, busstop and streetlamp. I attached them correctly to their objects, where they didnt stay for a long time, due to cleaning policy of Helsinki city. I had a few papers per word and so the same papers did appear on different objects, p. e. „tree“ on different trees.

Festung Paradies (fortress paradise) 2010

wire, strings, boats, aluminium, tape.

Work done in front of the screen, mostly late at night using Photoshop and a tablet


*1987 in Flensburg


2011 »nicht schwarz nicht weiss« Villa Hasenholz, Leipzig
2010 »Stoffmassaker«, Dresden