Heinlein, Pia Kerstin

Worst-Case Scenario: A Huge Shopping Mall … / 2006

Installation / Video, 20:31min

Worst-Case Scenario: A Huge Shopping Mall ...

(© Pia Kerstin Heinlein 2002)

I decided to execute a site-specific work for “WERKRAUM”, to make a video that would go beyond the myth of the Spinnerei, and to interview the people that move and act in this spatial setting.
For the preview of the exhibition, I prepared a drawing that I then painted in the style of comics and graffiti on the wall of the basement room. The drawing was a kind of storyboard that visualized my plans. The documentation was shown on a monitor next to the storyboard wall during the presentation at the workspace´s opening at the end of the project.
During the execution of my project “Worst-Case Scenario: A Huge Shopping Mall …” I was on the grounds of the Spinnerei for one week, asking different people about this site.
It was important to me that these people had a relationship to the site, were on the grounds of the Spinnerei for certain reasons; the length and the purpose of their stay were of no significance.
The interviewees were to talk about the location itself, its past, and its future. Noticeable was that all of those asked spoke only briefly about the location itself, about the location in sense of a description of the property, the individual buildings, and the like. All of those questioned told me stories, things that had happened there, that they had experienced directly or been told about by acquaintances. Only Mr Wirbel spoke exclusively about the individual numbered buildings, perhaps for professional reasons.
For the most part, people associate locations with experiences and other people, less with buildings, streets, and architecture. A location is the remembrance of a certain encounter that one once hat there.
If one asked me about the Spinnerei, I too could tell many a tale …

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Sie mag Musik nur wenn sie laut ist (She Likes Music Only When it is Loud) / 2005-2006

2 video loops / 7 min/12 min

She Likes Music Only When it is Loud

She Likes Music Only When it is Loud