Kammer, Reiko

Eintagsfliegen / 2008

Series of Drawings

The piece “Eintagsfliegen” (“Mayflies”) comprises a series of drawings showing airplanes. The series was created by the artist asking travellers at an airport to draw a plane on an A4 sheet of paper shortly before their flight. Parallel to this, he inquired where they prefer to sit on board a plane.



Ohne Frage (Without question) / 2008


In the performance “Ohne Frage” (“Without question”) an attempt is being made to ask a question. The announcement that the event has failed comes exactly at the moment of the opening and leaves the audience with a certain degree of disappointment. However, there is a chance to stop the running process in the same instant by the interaction of the audience. The decision is final and a crucial intervention of the performance. If interaction happens the evening is saved – otherwise failure is complete. It remains open what position the artist takes in this process.

Dear ladies and gentlemen! Could I please have your attention!
Dear friends, colleagues, staff members, guests!
Dear professors! Dear students and master students!

First of all I would like to express my deep gratitude that so many of you have come to attend the opening of the “100% HEALTH” exhibition of Professor Alba D’Urbano’s Intermedia class at the Acadamy of Visual Arts Leipzig.

You have rightly arrived today with great expectations, among others to listen attentively to Reiko Kammer’s spoken-word performance titled “Without question”. The ambiguous meaning of the title raises hopes for something exciting. However, I am sad to inform you that you will not be able to witness this experience today, because the act of formulating a question “without question” has failed in the performance: because there is no more need for a question or because the question “without question” is not a question. Are there any questions?
This does not seem to be the case. Then I will rest my case at this point, and would like to thank you for your attention and I hope for your understanding of the situation.

Thank you!
I wish you all a continued pleasant evening!

Frontier Four / 2008

Video as plan-sequence / PAL / Loop / 1:15 min

I work with the theme of borders, personal as well as social. Based on the word ‘frontier’, which originates from the American-English speaking area and is understood as a theoretical construct, I search for existential occurrences in public space.

In a metaphorical sense, to come close to a ‘frontier’ is primarily a mental challenge, it is refers more heavily towards the human psyche rather than physical and geographical borders. In this way it is important for me not to intervene in an occurrence myself, to influence its process or to change it due to my presence.

In the short-take-video “frontier four” a patch can be seen, which is restricted on the left by a field. In the background there is a red-brick wall. Next to it is a big tree. Several sheep walk through the image from right to left and cross the path loudly. As an additional sound track the voice from a computer gamer can be heard. The speaker describes how one can see a submarine torpedo impact from multiple camera positions. The impact however does not occur.

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lives and works in Berlin


Exhibitions and Performances

2009 participation in the exhibition »The evil is a squirrel«, court Leipzig, Germany

2009 photo project: »concrete«, the last three days of the removal of the Palace of the Republic in Berlin, Germany

2008 performance »No Questions«, gallery in the art school Leipzig, Germany

2008 participation in the exhibition »100% Health«, Leipzig, Germany

2007 performance »Two Question«, in the areaway, art school Leipzig, Germany

2006 participation in the exhibition »Zielke & Konsorten«, museum Castle Burgk, Thuringia

2005 participation in the exhibition »600 Images/60 Artists/6 Curators/6 Cities« in Berlin, Germany

2003 participation in the exhibition »TranspOrtale«, northstation in Berlin, Germany

2002 exhibition »Deconstruction-Palace Hotel«, university Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft in Berlin, Germany

2001 participation in the exhibition »Dinner is served«,  with the Gang of Contour in Berlin, Germany

2000 participation in the exhibition »one square meter« in Berlin, Germany