Penndorf, Alexander

Hare Hare / 2002


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Within the showroom’s space ALEXANDER PENNDORF installed a cube 3m in length made of aluminium and perspex. Inside the cube three, 1.60 m rabbit figures hung by their necks at the upper side of the cube. Powered by a motor the rabbit-figures turn around themselves twice a minute. Within three other boxes were the watercolours, red, green and blue; colours used for the additive colour compound found e.g. in monitors displaying colours. The boxes of colour were connected to the rabbit-figures by tubes and pumps. On Alexander Penndorfs graduation the pumps went into action.

Künstlerschicksal / 2000

Wooden box / television / antenna / cage / toy

The visitor sees a wooden box containing a television. On top of this is a wire cage in which a battery generated toy with artificial fur runs in circles and repeatedly runs into the cage.


* 1970