Bornkessel, Ellen

Keiner hat niemals Angst (Nobody is Never Afraid)

Video / 7:17 min

In this video one can hear people during a telephone conversation speaking about their worries. However the speakers are concealed from the observer. On the image plane a mix of documentary and found footage appears. The film satirises the effect of horror films and thrillers. It deals in a self-ironic manner with the possible strategies for overcoming mentioned anxieties. In the end the tension is released and important tips are given.

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untitled / 2000 (with Caroline Hake)

Sound installation

Summary: Two metal benches, landscaping plants borrowed from a nursery / an audio installation concealed in the plants and consisting of seven phrases/moans, summing up the state of mind of a melancholic and/or doubter: “are you okay / well then let´s just forget it / if you think so” etc.



* 1969 in Hammelburg