Morgenstern, Marlene

nicht öffentlich / 2011

700m natron mixed paper / 250m adhesive tape

Deus ex machina / 2011

In collaboration with Franziska Meinert
Cuckoo Clock: cardboard, brown acrylic paint / 75 x 35 cm
Harpy: air-drying modelling material, feathers, wool

The figurine emerges within a randomly programmed time limit and spits brown liquid (optionally into a collecting container). At one side of the cuckoo clock is a peep box, containing a gloomy setting. The cuckoo clock is placed on a specially designed wallpaper with patterns of ornamentally arranged fabulous creatures.

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Sklave (Slave) /  2009

In the beginning a further part of her job was to send a work plan to her slave at the beginning of each week. His spare time was filled by her with various part-time jobs and she would receive a share of his earnings. Due to health issues she now assigns him with physically less demanding tasks, such as begging for money on the local high street.

The artistic examination of this project takes place in a kind of documentation that tries to present the course of the experiment thus far.

extract from the email correspondence

Guten Tag… / 2008

crossed out entries in phonebook

vis-á-vis / 2006 – …

18 Lambda-Prints, 18 x 24 cm

Sundry persons from within my closer environment were given the task to take a picture of me according to their very own ideas and fantasies. The only prompt: I had to be naked. After the session, one photograph was meant to be selected and provided with a title as well as a short text. Thus, 18 unique stories came into being.

general survey



2012 »Betriebsausflug« Künstlerhaus Vorwerkstift, Hamburg
2011 »Jeunesse dorée« tamtamART, Berlin
2011 »Gott und die Welt« HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2010 »Touch me!« Galerie Sylvia Bernhardt, Wiesbaden
2010 »Schrei-Eine LiveSkypePerformance mit Sophie Stephan« HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig and L’Mono Bilbao (ESP)
2010 »Chain of Fools« HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2009 »Das Böse ist ein Eichhörnchen« District Court, Leipzig
2008 »Introspections« Doppel De, Dresden
2008 Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie, Designhaus Darmstadt
2008 »100% Health« art-gallery of HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2007 5. Wiesbadener Fototage, Büchergilde Gutenberg, Wiesbaden
2006 »Schnittstellen« Kunstraum Kuhturm, Leipzig
2006 »Wunderland« art-gallery of HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig