Gott und die Welt

Gott und die Welt / 2011

The Accession into the World

… this is Maradona and Benedict XVI, it goes from Braunschweig to Kuala Lumpur, is all-embracingly big and nevertheless so trivially small like molecular cuisine. The ideas guide you from the natural to the artificial, from beginning to completion, from the test to the enactment.

The processes of transformation are illuminated and conveyed into tangible worlds of views. How do people and animals move in a constantly quicker changing universe? The lasting effect of impressions will be larger than that of the action. Diversity swells into a jungle that is entirely without any green. We follow the tracks of the content’s pigment, the course of processes that are both enormous and small. We consciously counter balance this colourless diversity with a frame of display, that finds expression in form of dioramas and glass cases, and more generally through the spatial restriction of individual exponents, which serves as nothing but a restriction of our view of small and nevertheless large details. (Christoph Bartsch)

Gott und die Welt * (“God and the World”)

During the Rundgang (open day tour) 2011 the culinary experience outside developed harmoniously with the installation in the class room. The focus was not on the exotic or foreign dishes, rather on all that was local. The natural elements, the ingredients of the dishes were not only explored in their culinary character but also in their creative attributes. Some performances emphasised the transformation processes, which are implicit in food preparation. Nourishment here is seen as transformation of matter, as a conversion process within which man is only a part of a life chain, that links various beings together: between plants and animals, between sky and earth, with natural elements, simply with “Gott und die Welt”. (Alba D’Urbano)

* “Gott und die Welt”, literally translated “God and the World” is a German expression that means “everything and nothing”.


Photos by Christina Werner, Georg Petzold, Sebastian Schröder, Emerson Culurgioni and the artists

Participating Artists