Bengsch, Cornelia

Lichter / 2013

Countrystadt / 2001/2013

Landschaften / 2003/2004

Duschen / 2008

100% Health exhibition HGB Leipzig
Material: shower; speakers; motion sensor

The audio installation points to the shower as a place not only for cleaning but for silence and reflection too. Permanent shower noises can be heard out of a shower cabin which is connected to a motion sensor. As one closes in and enters the cabin, reflections of cleaning habits and rituals come out of the shower head. The stories go beyond the process of taking a shower. What possibilities are there to escape everyday life, to take a step out, and even take a step into your very own self and get some rest?

The interviewed people are talking about shower rituals, the importance of being clean and their imagination of a “perfect shower “.


Timber Forest / 2006

Wonderland Exhibition HGB Leipzig
Material: raised hide, sand, flour, ornamental plants, webcam, monitor

A miniature forest, covered with snow, is presented at 4,80m height, on the looking platform of a hunting hide. A camera is monitoring the winter landscape, and submits the picture live on a screen in the gallery. The shrunken forest at an exposed height typifies the wonderful reversal of space and height in Wonderland.

Things we find

Exhibition at the Kuhturm Gallery
Material: Polaroid on paperboard, different objects of my grandparents: bedside table, suitcase, bags of wool, wigs, apron
slide projector

The Polaroid prints of my grandfather are accurately marked with date and time. You can see the family during their visits, grandchildren, great-grandchildren: “Everything …OUT”, my grandfather is saying. He, after living 50 years of his life in this house, moves into an old people`s home. What remains of a human life?  Boxes, piles of paper, cupboards filled with all kinds of stuff collected over the years…




2006 “Hinter der Kamera” Listhaus, Leipzig


2011/12 Kurzfilmprojekt “Supermom Kick-off”
2010 “Chain of Fools” HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2009 “Das Böse ist ein Eichhörnchen” District Court, Leipzig
2008 “Habseligkeit” 24-hrs-Exhibition, GalerieRieRiemann, Leipzig
2008 “100% Health” art-gallery of HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2006 “Phantome” 24-hrs-Exhibition, GalerieRieRiemann, Leipzig
2006 “Gefundenes” Kunstraum Kuhturm, Leipzig
2006 “Wunderland” art-gallery of HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2005 Rundgang, HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2004 Photography, Library of Universität Leipzig
2003/2004 Installations & Photography, “Goldfish”, Leipzig
2001 “body/check” 24-hrs-Exhibition, GalerieRieRiemann, Schauspielhaus Leipzig
2001 “Sieben” 24-hrs-Exhibition, GalerieRieRiemann, Leipzig