Culurgioni, Emerson

traffico / 2011

Photographic work about urban change along Via Tiburtina. A street between Rome and Tivoli, where three thousand years of movement have shaped landscape, beginning with transhumance and ending with post industrialization.

Theaters / 2010

This photograph was taken in a movie theater during a film projection, exposing the photographic film negative for the whole duration of the projection i.e. 2h 46minutes.

The adaption of photography for cinematic projection gave birth to the movie theaters. My intervention consists in capturing the light reflected from the projection screen onto the audience and the direct light from the projector itself. This time the cinematic projection gave birth to the present photograph. This means that the circuit is closed.

The cinema has changed the way of percepting – not only, but even the way of living. It has changed who we are, who we want to be and how we act. Movie theaters have become a place of sociological and political importance. the audience is sensible and reacts to the light projected through the celluloid, in the same way the negative in a camera obscura preserves its imprint by the exposure.

camera: Sinar f – 2
film: NC KODAK 4×5″ sheet film

The Rodney King Case – L.A. Riots 1992 / 2010

These picures are taken through the view finder of the photocamera, the character “C.J.” carries with him in the videogame GTA San Andreas. The scenes show a reenactment of the Los Angeles Riots in 1992 within the game.

digital image devise transfer

Ex Ospedale Marino – Cagliari, Italy / 2009 

digital SLR camera

Le Vele – Napoli, Scampia (Italy) / 2009

digital SLR camera (photomontage)


*1986 in Germany


2007 Personal assistant in  Christine Detering “Architopia” Architect’s office, Munich
2007 – 2010 Faculty of Design and Art – Free University of Bolzano, Italy
2009 Personal assistant in the Artist’s studio of Francesco Jodice, Milano
2010 -2013 Intermedia Class of Prof. Alba D`Urbano, Leipzig